Age of the Geek, Baby (lorax) wrote,
Age of the Geek, Baby

My Family Is Weird

My family is amusing me.

Firstly, my sister and I were out in the living room the other night, and she's flipping channels and comes across Lady Gaga's Monster Ball special on HBO. We leave it on to see the costumes and stuff. (And because Gaga is catchy, goddamnit. I wish she took herself a little less seriously.)

And we get to this
Pilot Fish

And at the same moment, my sister and I go "BLOODY PILOT FISH. I KNOW YOUR DAD!"

And then there's Game of Thrones. My whole family watches it, and NO ONE can get the name right. My dad read the audio book, so he wants to mix in "Ice and Fire" in there, and my mom just gives it random names. And it always takes me a minute to go from her "Is there a new Seat of Power?" to me figuring out what she means.

So now dad's just trying to MAKE UP names to irritate me, and is calling it stuff like "Crown Monopoly" and "Chess of Chairs". I'm also kind of amused that he's completely addicted to The Good Wife, which I haven't even started watching yet.

We got our oldest resident kitty into the vet this week, and her kidneys are in trouble, and she's got heart disease issues too. She's the kitty equivalent of 86, so we kind of expected it to be something major when she started not feeling good. We got her some special food and meds that should keep her comfortable at least, but we won't have her for much longer. :( The last puppy standing is 82ish in puppy years, so I worry about him too.

I watched the newest Glees. I have nothing of worth to say, save was Jesse ALWAYS this stupid? I don't remember him being that dumb.

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