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Happy Mother's Day!

Remix reveals are live! Both of my remixes were written by [personal profile] musesfool, which I sort of guessed but wasn't confident enough to say it in case I was a dumbass. So everyone should go and read The Founders of This Meager Feast (Remix in G Minor), a Max/Alec Dark Angel fic, and One Good Turn (The Fair Play Fandango), an HP Remus/Sirius story.

I wrote a Merlin story, remixing [personal profile] faynia's The Night Arthur Finally Became a Man (aka. The Night Arthur Discovers Gay Porn and Sort of Likes It), into Show, Don't Tell (The Dirty Pictures Dub).

This was a new fandom for me, and I almost switched over to something more familiar, and with more plot, but this was just my first idea, and the one that I kept coming back to. The original is a cute little AU ficlet about a modern-day Arthur stumbling on gay porn on the net and jerking off.

I was originally going to swap to Merlin's POV, but decided that it worked better if I kept the same POV, since I was already changing the story by changing the time period/setting, and adding a Merlin/Arthur angle. Because the setting was different and the porn method, there wasn't a lot I could lift by way of keeping identical lines or dialogue, but I tried to mirror a few moments that happened in the original, and the basic structure (Arthur discovers man on man porn) was the same.

I had a lot of fun writing this, actually. I've kind of wanted to write a few fics in this fandom before, but never got past starting them, so enjoyed writing it. It's probably the most incredibly insecure I've been about a fic though in a while. New fandom, new characters+no comments=flailing Dena, seriously. But I got a few kudos, and though the original author didn't comment, hopefully I did a decent job. Remix is always a very low feedback exchange, but in past remixes I've benefited from writing for the larger fandoms, which gives a bit more likeliness of comments I think. (also I'm probably forever spoiled by the fact that one of my most-commented fics was a Remix.)

So I'm insecure, and have no objective idea how successful it was, but I had fun writing it, and I don't think it's awful? IDEK. SELF CONFIDENCE AT A LOW EBB.

It's Mother's Day too! We couldn't really afford much by way of gifts, so I just made a card, and my present was taking her Kindle and loading a bunch of illegal books onto it for her to read. Which she was really excited about. And we did a bunch of little chores and things she wanted done around the house, and made dinner. (I maintain that she might have actually liked it better if she'd cooked herself due to us asking hr questions about how to do things every three seconds, chefs we are not.)

And now we're all going to watch Black Swan with her. Which is going to be way too dark for her, but it's a dancing movie so she MUST SEE IT. (Also there's a preview before it for Mao's Last Dancer, which she immediately went GET ME THAT RIGHT NOW, which we can't do, because it's not out until the 31st, but she is now EAGERLY ANTICIPATING.) My mom was a ballet dancer when she was younger, so she loves any and all dancing movies. She doesn't care if they're bad, so long as they can see the dancing.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's on my list!

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