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Remix Live!

Remix is upon us!

I am actually an idiot who didn't realize the archive was open because notifs are down for gifts on the archive. I missed out on Remix Madness and didn't grab a pinch hit this year, so I only have on story in the archive. Ficlets to anyone who guesses as always!

I had TWO of my stories remixed this year. One Good Turn (The Fair Play Fandango) is a remix of my Remus/Sirius HP Story Turning Tables. The POV is switched over to Remus, and it has a ton of added humor and is utterly charming and fabulous and should be read by everyone immediately.

The Founders of This Meager Feast (Remix in G Minor) is a remix of my Dark Angel fic Passing Time, which was a Yuletide fic from a few years ago. It's a POV flip that switches Alec out for Max, and adds in some very hot and achey sex and a really nice perspective shift that shows where Alex's POV, in the original, isn't really all that accurate when it comes to Max.

I loved both of them muchly, and feel all lucky to have gotten two, I think this might be the first year that ever happened with Remix.

There's a bunch of great looking stuff in the archive, and I've barely dipped in, so I expect to pick through in coming days.

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