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The third of my catching up posts, this one is mostly teevee talk. (And some of it was written a while ago, so if something sounds weird, that's probably why.)

I've been slowly catching up on tv stuff.

My dad and me are the only two in my house that watch Merlin, and so usually if we're both up and home, we'll watch the new-to-us Merlin episode together, and it ends up being kind of hilarious, because my dad gives running commentary that usually boils down to "IF I HAD A NICKEL FOR EVERY SMIRK" and "WHY ARE THEY SO STUPID?" which is commentary I frequently have too. It's hilarious listening to him though. My dad wants Uther to die. I mean, he wants him to die A LOT. Which I agree - it is beyond time for Uther to die. But it's to the point where when we flipped by a rerun of Buffy on Logo the other day, dad's like "GODDAMNIT, UTHER IS SUCH AN ASS" and then I start laughing.

Also the Round Table finally made an appearance, and Arthur was doing his "everyone equal" speech and dad kept going "but the guy standing up talking is MOST important" and "except the girl, who can't come play."

I watch the show for the banter that shows up, and because of my wild Arthur/Merlin shipping, and my growing fondness for Gawain, but really, what they've done with Morgana, Morgause, and Gwen has kind of made me want to throw things.

My sister and I also watched the first two seasons of Being Human (UK), which I enjoyed, though there were a lot of WTF moments, too. (I also think we're supposed to find Mitchell to be hot, with his BROODING VAMP DARKNESS, but I spend most of my time wishing he would wash his hair.) I do really like the show best when it's the three main characters together, goofing around. Also I like when George's voice gets all squeaky, and I find Annie SUPER adorable. I just want to hug her all the time. It's not something I'm going to get fannish about, but I do enjoy it.

My family gave that new Dana Delaney show a shot, so I saw a couple of episodes of that. I pretty much LOATHE it and all the characters on it though, so I don't think I'll be watching any more. Which is a shame, since I do like her.

And ummm. . . I watched up to this week's Vampire Diaries. I continue to SUPER NOT CARE about Matt, except for how he relates to Caroline. (NEEDS MOAR CAROLINE.) I'm interested in her mom finding out, and possibly realizing she'd been compelled in the past, but I found Matt's angsting manpain to be tedious. Not that he doesn't have reason. . . but I am absorbed with not caring.

I liked that Katherine and Isobel seemed to GENUINELY be friends, up until the end. Nina has so much damn fun being Katherine I think, and it shows.

Jenna has every right to be upset . They dropped a HUGE bomb on her, and taking time to absorb it is natural. But BEFORE she found out, but flouncing out the door rubbed me wrong. Honey, you're their LEGAL GUARDIAN. You don't get to flounce off and leave. I know being a grown up sucks and all, but still. Alaric!Klaus came out of no where, and I think him being possessed or whatever is a little lame. I wasn't thrilled with the possession angle - it was a cheaper plot device than the show usually uses, but the payoff for it was pretty good.


I am kind of in love with Elijah now. He is BADDASS. I am DEEPLY DUBIOUS about the werepire angle with Klaus, but I'm giving it a pass until I see how it plays out. I love Elijah and Klaus being yet another pair of angst-ridden brothers. And I'm REALLY curious about the original Petrova doppleganger.

I want the payoff, end-game play for this season to be Elena, Caroline, and Bonnie gaming everyone and kicking ass and taking names.

I've seen the first couple of episodes of Camelot, which so far, I've found awful. I love Eva Green. I like Joseph Fiennes. I have a soft spot for Jamie Campbell-Bower because he was a friend's former PB for a roleplay character I loved. But this SHOW. Ugh. Morgan is the only character you care about, and for some inexplicable reason we're supposed to be rooting for Arthur and Merlin. The show goes out of its way to go BOOBZ AND SEX and forget about any kind of story or character building that makes no sense. Arthur is introduced as a womanizing brat, Merlin is a dick, and they're both taking away the throne that Morgan is genuinely entitled to.

Women are pretty much afterthoughts in the whole story, the Lady of the Lake is cut out entirely so far. Guinevere has some random dude she's engaged to who is Arthur's New Favoritest Warrior and is obviously going to get killed at some point, and Arthur and Gwen have no discernible chemistry that I see so far.

But the thing that REALLY kills the show for me is the language. The dialogue slips between incredibly stilted and/or exposition heavy, to having WEIRDLY MODERN phrases that slip in between. I had a list of them in my head at some point, but I forget specific examples. But it was something like saying "pretty good" or something else very. . . weirdly not-fitting. (I think maybe there was an actual "okay" in there, but I could be wrong.)

I'll probably watch a couple more because the family is, but I'm very thoroughly not impressed so far.

And ummm. . . Game of Thrones and The Borgias. I've only seen the first episode of each, but I enjoyed them. I'm an easy sell for Sean Bean, Lena Headey, and Jeremy Irons, I admit. And I enjoyed The Tudors, which is the same kind of big, pretty costume drama that is heavy on sex and intrigue, and light on actual historical accuracy. I know very little about the Borgias history though, so the many inaccuracies aren't as likely to bug me. (Though I suspect it will lead to me reading a lot of wiki articles to learn stuff.)

I just started reading the Game of Thrones books, so I'm benefitting, again, from coming in without pre-knowledge to be bothered by inaccuracies, and I enjoyed it. It's beautifully shot, and I'm interested in the world and people so far.

I'm amused by the fact that canon hetcest is kind of A THING for all cable network dramas lately, though. And my dad was amusing me, AGAIN, because he was like, fanboying Jason Momoa and telling everything that he knows him from Stargate and was all excited to see him.

I'm eager to see where both shows go, and love the sets and costuming.

United States of Tara also started again, so we've been watching that, and my sister and I watched The Fall of Sam Axe Burn Notice prequel, which was underwhelming but entertaining. More Sam/Bruce is never a bad thing. Oh and I have nothing serious to say about it, but FRINGE=<3. MOAR ASTRID, STAT. And I'm really glad to have Olivia back. Not that Bellelivia wasn't great, and Walter and him were adorable. But Original Olivia is more awesome than all.

I seriously can't remember what else I've been watching. I'm probably up-to-date or almost on House and Bones, but I don't put too much thought into them lately. I was happy to see 13 back. Also I kind of wasn't minding the idea of her and House having a night or two of angry forgetting-troubles-shagging.

I had a weird random dream the other day with 13 and Matthew Bomer (and it was 13, in character, and Matt as himself) trying to save an orphanage. And I was trying to help them raise money or something? Only I was like, reformed Ms. Hannigan from Annie.

I don't even know. But yay 13!

I did watch Glee, and mostly I was kind of blah on it. I was headdesking over that thing hat it was inevitable for me to be irritated by, but I think I've finally achieved zen enough that I don't get angry? Maybe?

I have yet to watch the new Doctor Who. I'd kind of like to watch the last season again first, but I don't think I'll get to it, and I don't want to put it off too long because the interwebs will spoil me.

I DID finally watch the Deathly Hallows, part One, and we're watching the latest Narnia now. I may have comments about them later, but mostly I'm all OMG HP IS ALMOST OVER and OH MY CHILDHOOD about them, respectively.

And I think that might have actually brought me up to date with the stuff I've been meaning to post, mostly. I am shutting up now!

I watch WAY too much TV.

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