Age of the Geek, Baby (lorax) wrote,
Age of the Geek, Baby

Ah Ha!

I remembered the thing I was going to say the other day and forgot.

I was going to do a Dear Remixer letter!

So, any Remix veteran can tell you, Remix is NOT a gift exchange! You don't need to worry about tailoring your version to my tastes at all. I will be thrilled to see your take on it, regardless, but mostly Remix is for YOU to get a chance to look at something I did, and say "you know, I would have done it like THIS!"

So go nuts. I don't have a safe story, but stories of mine that have been previously remixed are tagged by that here, and stories of mine that are already remixes, and thus ineligible, are here.

Tear them apart, change the setting, change the POV, whatever moves you.

If you have trouble navigating the AO3 for any reason, you can see MOST stories on my old fic archive at [ profile] dream_country, but I haven't updated that one in a bit. A few fics on the A03 have links to specific entries on LJ/IJ where the fics are housed because the formatting wasn't really preserved on the archive yet. So if you want to poke at any of those, make sure you do click over to the post, where they won't look so funny.

So that's it. Yay for remembering? Also the A03 apparently has subscriptions now, so I'm [ profile] lorax over there, if you'd like to subscribe. Clearly, I'm not that prolific though. Heh.

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