Age of the Geek, Baby (lorax) wrote,
Age of the Geek, Baby

Off To See The Wizard!

So I had a fic go up over at st_respect, for the AU prompt section. It's kind of messy, I noticed a lot of little tweaks I should have made, so I'll post it up at [ profile] lorax, and here once I've cleaned it up some more. But if you want to read it before that, here you go! With bonus hilarious manipping. :)

It's Star Trek Reboot Wizard of Oz AU. Yes, I am the most LITERAL PROMPT TAKER OVER. (The Au challenge was titled "we're not in Kansas anymore", so I did. . . an Oz AU. I AM THAT LAME!)

I am supremely sick of health stuff, again, but hopefully that's on the mend. *crosses fingers*

I totally had something I wanted to post about that I thought of the other day, and now I completely forgot what it was, damnit.

I'm off to catch up on RP games.

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Tags: fandom - star trek (reboot), fic, fic challenges, meta - fic talk, personal stuff, rp talk

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