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Remix Yay!

Remix sign ups are open! Go forth and sign up! (I did mine already, but may tweak before it closes.)

I continue to try not to care about Glee, and yet Santana and Brittany still made me sniffly. I still OTP them pretty hard, apparently.

I find watching Gwyneth when she shows up to be SUPER uncomfortable. Like they tried so hard to put her in a wacky, zany, non-Gwennie character and she's just trying so hard. Plus it always feels like an infomercial to promote her singing career. I don't know. I am just deeply not into it. And there were other things that annoyed me as per usual, but I'm going to ignore them in favor of being all !!! Over Santana/Britt.

Also, I watched White Collar. I was kind of underwhelmed by the finale. I'm kind of neutral on both Alex and Sarah, but not particularly invested in either, and not all that interested in them with Neal, and definitely not interested in a triangle with the three of them. I like Alex a bit better than Sarah, but also felt like both her and Sarah got little origin story speeches that felt very deeply shoehorned in. I'd MUCH rather get more time with Jones and Diana than either of them, though I don't dislike them.

Neal and Peter switching places was MADE OF WIN though. And I love that El admitted the three of them are married, more or less. And that in the relationship, Peter may (mostly) be the boss of Neal, El is VERY CLEARLY the lady in charge. My OT3 tinhat is still firmly affixed. (Though I have a sekrit love for Mozzie/Neal, too.)

I also really, really loved June helping teach Peter to pick pockets, and her and Neal dancing.

Umm, I'll save my Big Love babble for AIM, because NO ONE BUT STACEY UNDERSTANDS. I'm also caught up on Vampire Diaries and I have nothing new or worthwhile to say except OMG CAROLINE ILU.

I kind of want to give Community another shot, after Troy won the fandom cagematch, and everyone seems to be full of love for it. I just found the pilot kind of willfully unfunny, so it may be one of those things like The Office where I just don't seem to have a sense of humor that translates to finding it funny? I dunno.

I've been finally starting the last season of FNL too and. . . oh my heart.

Also I'm caught up on Fringe and I love Peter and all, but I watch the show for the cases, the world, and the characters, with Olivia in the forefront. So I get tired of the Peter/Olivia wibbling. But I really liked seeing him come clean and be honest with her. And I'm totally looking forward to Bellivia!


Other than that, I finished my playthrough of Dragon Age: Origins a while back, and used the last of my saved up Amazon certificates to get Dragon Age II, which I've been slowly starting. So far I've enjoyed it.

My quibbles with the first one kind of stayed unfixed, which was disappointing. Still have the boob-petting nekkid desire demons. Still have the forced origin-story family that are always and forever All White.

I also kind of dislike the full voice over for the main character, as the way it's framed it make the character feel. . . stock to me? I think I may be in the minority on that though. In fantasy stories, I usually am always least interested in humans, and the game requires you play through as a human, and takes place in a mostly-human city so far. My favorite parts of the DA universe was the screwed up caste system for the dwarves, and the elves. So not having the option to play as Dalish or dwarf was kind of a disappointment. I do like that you can import your Origins playthrough to have the history of the world and the references to the Hero of Ferelden be accurate to what you played as, though.

Also I was headdesking over the models in a few places. The human female models all have big, gravity defying tits. Even the character who plays your mother. She had on an off the shoulder peasant top with some cleavage and big tits, and it just IRKED me right off the bat. So I was already pissy about such things when I got to the point where I met the pirate Isabela, who is fun, it's true, and non-white, which is awesome, but she has NO PANTS. At all. And in this game, you can't change the companions' outfits like you could in the original, so she's stuck pants-less the whole time.

But beyond that, I've been enjoying it. I like the way your decisions seem to have a bigger impact on the story as a whole, and how you can see the results of what you do shaping the larger picture. Most games you try a dialogue option, you reload if you don't like what happens. This one it's harder because there is not "safe" option at times, and you can't really tell WHERE the dialogue fork to change the conclusion starts. Which is both a little frustrating and very cool. I decided to just play through with whatever happens the first time and not try to control the results at all. (But OMG is it hard to make people like you. SOMEONE IS PISSED NO MATTER WHAT.)

I'm usually a big cheating cheater, but I've played sans-cheats so far, and find the combat actually REALLY neat and fun. My rogue character can POOF and then appear behind people to backstab, and it's just kind of awesome and fun. I really like the talent trees and how much variety is in them, and how much control you have over your companions' trees and actions. I also think the companion AI seems a lot better, because they ranged characters will actually run back and stay at range without you telling them to every three seconds. Which, for someone like me who plays on the easiest setting and doesn't necessarily want to spend twenty minutes a battle jumping in and out of companions to set what they're doing and pausing/unpausing, makes things a lot more fun.

I think I've still barely made a dent in the game, so there's a lot to go, and I only play an hour or so before bed usually, so I'll probably have more opinions as it goes, but so far I'm enjoying it, despite the quibbles.

Companion-wise, so far my favorites in terms of being LIKABLE are Vorrik, Merril, and Isabela. And I've loved some of the humor and references to Origins. (There's a rumors line about the pigeon population that had me in stitches. ILU SHALE. YOU ARE MY FAVORITE.

I've still got projects to work on and such, but I've had two MASSIVE AU fic bunnies jump in my head and refuse to leave lately. This is very weird for me, since my fic is generally not all that AU. I don't even usually READ that many big AU's. So. . . I don't know. *facepalm*

I've had this update window open ALL NIGHT so I'm just gonna post now.

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