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Am sick. Dislike it.

Have watched newest White Collar, and up to "The Eye of the Phoenix" in Merlin.

Have apparently forgotten how to sentence properly.

Am cutting for spoilers. Also spoilers for Vampire Diaries.

I am displeased at how they've had Morgana do nothing but smirk all season, and completely destroyed her friendship with Gwen. Also, at some point I boarded train Yay Gwen! and I don't know how that happened, because usually I dislike the Guivere character in ALL Arthurian myth because she bugs me. But Gwen won me over, and Angel Coulby is adorable, and why the fuck doesn't she have more to do on this show? Why doesn't Morgana? YOU HAVE GORGEOUS AWESOME LADIES, SHOW, DO SOMETHING WITH THEM SOMETIMES.

On the other hand, I ship Morgause/Morgana like burning. And Gwaine is hot, and I still ship Arthur/Merlin like a lot.

I love Anthony Stewart Head, but IT IS TIME FOR UTHER TO BE DEAD, SHOW. And him being Morgana's dad was pretty much the biggest Duh ever. Even if I thought that contradicted something said earlier in the show.

This show will sacrifice all characterization and plot arch for the sake of a one off plot, sometimes. Sigh. It's like on SPN where they randomly have Dean be stupid and not know something for the sake of letting Sam exposition so the audience knows. THERE ARE OTHER WAYS TO INFO DUMP. (They do this with Arthur at times on Merlin, and it annoys me. He's not dumb. Meatheadish sometimes, but not dumb.) I kind of still love it though. I am easy for Athurian myth and pretty people, okay?

Also, some of the horses on this show are SO CUTE. There's this little chunk of a gray with a big round barrel and I just want to hop on him bareback and hug his neck every time I see him. And the little bay Merlin is usually on has such a sweet face and a nice rear. (Rider's ass is also nice, but in a VERY DIFFERENT WAY.)

White Collar!! OT3! *squishes El/Peter/Neal* I swear, the show runners must ship them too. Mozzie and June giving Peter criminal lessons was ADORABLE. And I love how fast Peter caved to El on the phone. I have nothing coherent to say except that this show is my happy fun place. Also I really like Diana. I am less enamored of Neal/Sarah, but I am in favor of Neal with no shirt, so I don't actually object with him passing time with her until El and Peter inevitably invite him into bed.

Mozzie, you are love though. His reaction to finding those two macking was fabulous.


I am really not crazy about the line they have for Bonnie going on right now (Not the Jeremy/Bonnie, but the stuff with Luka and his dad. I loved girl's night out though, and Caroline can sing! CAROLINE, I LOVE YOU!

I continue to not really care about Matt, but CAROLINE cares about Matt, and I care about Caroline, so his reaction and hers were breaking my heart.

I still really love Katherine more than is healthy. I think Nina has a ball getting to play her evil self. Who sometimes pretends to be her good self. (That must get confusing.) Stefan and Damon are kind of bad at telling them apart now. You'd think they'd be able to hear heartbeats or smell blood or SOMETHING to tell them apart.

I think I'm done now.

This entry brought has been full of overtired, sick babble. I will headdesk when I look at it tomorrow I bet.

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