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Episodic Squee

I am still one behind on Vampire Diaries, so this is incoherent realtime reactions to The Dinner Party.


I was so stoked to see her, seriously. Flashbacks are love. Also floppy haired, earnest baby vamp Damon is HILARIOUS to me.

KATHERINE!! I still love you, you crazy bitch. Dead Elijah is so going to mean you're free. You play Damon like a violin.


BONNIE YOU IS SO PRETTY. Jeremy, I miss your floppier hair. Bonnie/Jeremy is still DO NOT WANT for me though.

Alaric, YOU IS BADASS. And getting steadily hotter. I kind of love him and Damon BFFing it up. And Jesus, someone clue Jenna in. Jenna is AWESOME, she'll handle it.

What Bonnie did to witch boy was pretty dodgy - it was pretty much the same kind of thing I think she'd completely judge Damon/Stefan/Caroline/Vamps for, since it wasn't like he was okay with her stealing info from his brain. I still feel bad for her when she cries though.

Hee, Elijah, I knew that was too easy. I'm still going to miss him though, weirdly. He grew on me.

I kind of love Damon and Stefan in the doorway while Elena tells them what's what. They are both whipped.

LEXI. YOU ARE SO CUTE. PLEASE COME BACK FROM THE DEAD AND HANG WITH CAROLINE. Also she's adorable in the period outfits. I want to squish her cheeks.

KATHERINE. I knew that was coming, and I still made flappy hands.

Okay, so, even knowing Katherine was going to get out, I STILL kind of expected them to play that scene for laughs and have Damon walk in on Alaric in the shower because he and Jenna were going to move in together and he has no place now or something. I don't know why.

Also, Ric handing the ring over to John (Who I'm ready to see die now, kthanx) and telling him Damon was going to kick his ass kind of read like "My boyfriend is going to be PISSED" to me. And I think I'm now mildly shipping Jenna/Ric/Damon? I don't even know. This show does weird things to me. It fills me with OT3 love. Bonnie/Elena/Caroline, Stefan/Elena/Damon, Alaric/Jenna/Damon, Stefan/Lexi/Elena. . . there is more, I know there is.

Ngh. My show. ILU.

I find Damon and his sort-of compelled girlfriend supremely squicky, and wish Alaric had been a little more militantly EW about it though. Damon/the show seems to KNOW it's gross I think, and be underlining that by having her be kind of awesome, compulsion aside, but I think it could do with a stronger "this is not good" punctuation. I think Caroline, if we see her next ep, would be good for that. (NEEDS MOAR CAROLINE)!

I love my show.

My sinuses are still kind of a wreck and I feel like poo, but I'm not sick-sick at least. And my blood is stable, yay. My DVR did not record Big Love, but they're replaying tonight, so I can watch that later so Stacey can WTF with me.

Also pimping ahoy:


I signed up for this, and it's closed now, but everyone should read! My Trek RP game pimped it out to me. :)

Now to finish laundry and then go tag threads.

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