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After posting with the wrong journal TWICE in RP threads today, I came to the conclusion that I am not fit for RP because my looming case of almost-sick turned into yes-sick. Flu or sinus infection or a cold or some combination there of, methinks. On the plus side, having Ginny Weasley answer as Hikaru Sulu was probably entertaining for someone else.

I was also being kind of a hypersensitive jerk earlier, so the onset blaaargh combined with PMS solves THAT for me.

I think it's just a cold, so I'm taking stuff for that, and if it doesn't ease off by Monday, I'll go to the doctor. I'm due for blood check ins anyway.

For anyone interested, I'm over on tumblr now as voicessayhello. I mostly use it to follow, but I do post stuff a bit. I've got a twitter too, voicessayhello, but I use it for following feeds mostly. Some day I will probably actually use it.

I have Vampire Diaries and White Collar to watch, so I think I'll curl up and do that now.

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