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I Fail

It's been kind of a dismal two weeks. I'm not complaining, because even with that, 2011 has been better than 2010 at least, but still. Icky. And I have some personal thinky thoughts and navel gazing that I may post under flock later, just for my own venting purposes.

Non-spoilery TV quick thoughts - I'm caught up on Fringe (Olivia is MADE OF AWESOME and I love her. Also my crush on Joshua Jackson is not going anywhere any time soon), White Collar (Neal is PRETTIER THAN ANYONE and Peter/Neal/El OT3, I SHIP IT SO HARD), and the new episodes of Big Love (I love Stacey so much because I can WTF with her about it.) I've got a Vampire Diaries and some other stuff to watch I know.

I had to drop out of White Lotus's Lunar New Year challenge too. I have a story a little more than halfway done, and I thought that I'd finish it up in time, but A: tLA is a new fandom for me, and I realized that I'd screwed up the canon timeline within the story, and it was kind of a big gaffe, and I didn't think I'd be able to fix it in time. I'm still hoping to finish and send it in late, or at least post to the comm, but I did default and leave it in the hands of a Pinch Hitter. Which I hate doing. (For all my flakiness, I do usually finish my challenge entries. I can only recall having to default three times, offhand.) So I was pretty bummed about that.

But today I did RP tags and caught up on games and I feel better. I'm having a lot of fun at At the Close. Some good writers, and great mods. If anyone wants a game, we could use some of the Ravenclaw boys, and some more adults. And my Ginny would love the rest of her family.

I have another Awesome Women post that'll probably go up tomorrow when I can stop being lazy and look up pictures. But for now! Meme! Also, I need an Olivia icon.

Ganked from all over the place, but I think I saw it on lyrstzha's journal last.

Ask about a a fandom I'm familiar with, I'll give my FP (favorite pairing)
My M/M FP:
My F/F FP:
My Het FP:
FP I actually believe in based on canon:
My original FP:
My crack FP:
My guilty pleasure FP:
My anti-FP:

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