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Blather Blather

It is DISMAL and rainy and gross out, y'all. Florida might be the only snow-free state, but it's making up for it with sky sludge.

I was going to do more awesome ladies, but rain has sapped my will to live, so I'll do that tomorrow, instead.

I'm still a little slow keeping up with my RP stuffs, but I'm really enjoying being back in a game. (RPing in a new fandom=still intimidating though!)

If anyone's looking for thread-based games in HP or Star Trek Reboot, check out At the Close, and New Frontiers. I know a George at AtC would be awesome, and lots of adults and students on both side of the good/bad divide are open. And New Frontiers I think a Scotty would be awesome. :)

I don't have anything of substance to say today, but this is not surprising. I'm getting a decent start on my White Lotus fic, but still aren't sure I won't up and change prompts. So I'll leave you with a fic rec! lyrstzha wrote a Jack Harkness meets River Tam crossover fic for me that is lovely and believable and fits neatly into canon, and I love it. So everyone should go and read Xeno's Paradox.

And OMG RARE PET SQUEE! My pet-taming luck-fu had been lacking since The Cataclysm, but it came back with a vengeance, since I went and tamed Jadefang, Terrorpene, Ghostcrawler, and Karoma in the space of about an hour and a half, and then got Sambas on a fly by today.

I may not dungeon, or know what the fuck I'm doing, BUT I WILL TAME ALL THE PETS!!!!

Now my only pet longing is for the raid-boss horehound I can't ever get to, since I have all the spirit beasts and most of the other rares I like (King Kush, Nuramoc, Ashtail, Atoona, etc.)

I kind of keep thinking about moving my main to another server, when and if I ever have spare money to waste, because I only know the wifey on my server, and we usually play alts when we play together, anyway, but I probably won't. (I have a hard time justifying paying for anything WoW related since I already pay for the subscription and feel like OMG I WASTE MONEY ON PIXELS. But I keep doing it anyway.)

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