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I Resolve to Not Resolve

Someone was asking me about New Year's resolutions, and I doubt I'll really do them. I have some definite things I'd like to get done in the new year, but setting myself up for disappointment if I DON'T do them never works out well for me. So instead, I'm going to make a list of stuff I'd LIKE to do this year.

  • Edit Unearthed and finish it.
  • Participate in a Big Bang for some fandom, because I never have and I'd like to work on something longer again, other than my novel.
  • Work on getting fitter, again, and try to practice Healthy At Any Size instead of focusing on pounds lost or not lost.
  • See a Concert
  • Cut and dye my hair, finally.
  • Learn the basics of vidding.
  • Start working on either Scalene, Narrow View or Waysiders. (Ideally, spontaneously develop skills as an artist and do Waysiders as a comic. I am not holding out on that one.)
  • Finish organizing PSL archives.
  • Makeover my LJ, CDJ, and DW with custom layouts and updated info.
  • Learn how to wrangle tags for Ao3.
  • Finish outstanding fic challenges/requests. (This is mah priority after New Year's)
  • Stay active in new RP's.
  • Read actual books. Instead of just fic and online stories/webcomics. Though I want to read those too.
  • Level an alt to 85 in WoW, and actually run some dungeons at some point.
  • Find some kind of local writer's group or the like, once we're moved where ever we end up, and try to be actually social offline, now and then.
  • Start Packing.
  • Start my moving blog.
  • Other Stuff.
  • Make actual money, somehow.

    Obviously I will not do all of that. But at least I have a list of stuff I'd like to do!

    I have watched a few things lately. Firstly, I finally saw Despicable Me. OMG so cute. Okay, the first like. . . half hour or so kind of drags when it's all Gru VS. Vector stuff, because I have zero interest in Vector or the rivalry. But the Minions are adorable, and the kids are so cute when they show it. The little goofy details of this movie sold it for me. It was fun and cute as hell. I saw it on the Blu-Ray, and there were three little extra minion movies which were love. So yeah, totally worth a watch. and one of the few things I've really liked Steve Carrell in, other than Steven VS. Stephen. (I did really like Little Miss Sunshine, but he wasn't the standout of the movie for me, so it wasn't him I was liking it for.)

    I also saw Shrek. . . . 3? 4? The newest one, Shrek's Midlife Crisis. Which was greatly underwhelming, but I admit, I giggled at tubby Puss in Boots. I am lowbrow sometimes.

    And I FINALLY watched the end of Doctor Who's last season, plus the Christmas Special. Annnnd. . . Okay, Amy is finally growing on me. She's never goign to be my favorite companion. (ILU Donna.) But she's growing on me. Having Rory along too helps greatly, because it changed the focus from Doctor + Amy to Doctor + Cute Married Couple, which made it feel less like a retread to me. I STILL think the actress is ADORABLE, but kind of limited/unconvincing, which is part of why I think I had trouble connecting to the character. And as Stacey said in conversation, I think they did more telling than showing when they told us how awesome she was, to start with, which may also have been why I was having difficulty. But yeah, she's growing on me. I never had a problem with her being sexy/sexual/flirty, I just didn't really want to see ANOTHER companion doing that with the Doctor. So I much prefer this dynamic. And Rory is just generally fun.

    Matt Smith has won m over too. He's not my favorite doctor (ILU 9), but he's fun, and he's funny, and I like him a lot. He's got great comic timing. And he wears hats.

    Okay, the hat thing is genetic. My dad loves hats, in the sense that he hates hats. He thinks all hats are silly, and it doesn't matter how serious a movie we're watching, if someone in it has a doofy hat, he will giggle and mumble "nice hat". It's a running joke in my house. Every random box or package or whatever it is, he will put it on your head as a hat if he's bored. Every Christmas, SOME animal gets its picture take with antlers on, or a Santa cap, or something. So when 11 put on a Fez, he pretty much had me. And then in the trailers he's in a COWBOY hat, and he had a SANTA cap on, and I was all flappy handed about it.

    So. . . yeah. How to Sell Dena: Hats.

    I also thought the Christmas special was GENUINELY charming and funny and poignant and familiar but with a new twist. I really, really loved the girl's voice they had singing for Abigail, too. (And Rory and Amy back in their costumes to roleplay was cue as hell.)

    And RIVER SONG. Ya'll, River Song is BADASS. She made a Dalek cry. I've heard there's a lot of hate for River Song out there, and I can see the mysterious chick thing being annoying - but I kind of love her so far.

    So I'm looking forward to the new season, I admit. I'm back on board.

    I also finished the season of Boardwalk Empire, which I'm still not terribly emotionally invested in, but do enjoy. I need to finally watch SPN this season, and I want to finish Justified. There's other stuff I know, but I can't think of it just now.

    I've got a bunch of Yuletide recs I'm saving up to put in one post. (The "share" function on the A03 is love.) There is a ton of good fic this year, as always. I'm still reading though, so I think I'll put that up tomorrow, pre-reveals. (Oh and my recipients did all speak up and seemed to enjoy their gifts, so yay! My paranoia was needless!)

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