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Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!

A very Merry Christmas to those who celebrate, and a happy holiday season/December/25th to those who don't!

We had a nice quiet Christmas morning with just the family. We couldn't really afford to do much, so we did one-on-one secret Santa exchanges, and some silly stocking stuffer things. My secret Santa thing was kind of my power cord, after the Fire Incident, but I also got the Percy Jackson books, so I still got a shiny. :) We all kind of pitched in for my mom and got her a Kindle, so she's thrilled and full of squee. (Note that she squeed almost as much for the knife we got her, which is just like the knife she already has and loves. My mother. She is strange.)

I will probably do a recs post or two for Yuletide, but to start with, there's the full of win story written for me, Life on the wind and living on the line, a Riftwar Saga story about Jimmy the Hand, before he really enters the book narrative. It's fun and IC and full of tarot reading and attempted thieving and cocky teenagerness. So if it's a fandom anyone else happens to love, go give it a read!

I am having a mild Yuletide panic. (My brain goes right to OH MY GOD THEY MUST HAVE HATED IT.) But I am clamping down on it. And I have wine.

I have two stories in the archive so far this year, and may be adding a couple of Treats to the madness collection, when it opens up, if I finish them up. I'll offer ficlets to anyone who guesses either. Assuming they did not beta/already know somehow. :)

Here's to a Merry Christmas, and a better year for everyone next year!

- Also, I went in to do the dishes after breakfast, and there was a gorgeous bright red fox sitting in our backyard. I'm not sure if dad's picture of him is going to come out, since he scampered off when we opened the door to try to get a shot, but he was SO PRETTY.

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