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I just went to get something out of my dad's truck for him, and discovered a giant stack of mail he was supposed to mail last week. (This is not surprising, my father's truck is a pit of despair and endless stuff. If I looked long enough I might discover the Holy Grail in there, for all I know.) This included the cards that were supposed to go out for me days ago.

So. Cards are going out today, but will be late. Rawr.

I didn't pick up a second Pinch Hit for yuletide, but am indeed adding the other sections to my first Pinch Hit, and working on some Treats, in between madly cleaning ALL THE THINGS and baking some cookies.

I'm way behind on TV viewage, but did see the Christmas Leverage. Which was awesome. Parker loves Christmas! The presents! I really expected them to pull back after the snow at the end to show like, a snow machine on a programmed timer that Hardison set up. (Because Parker told Hardison to get her flurries!)

Sophie and Nate are so mom and dad, doling out presents. (Parker still just wants money. <3!)

I really do wish Christian Kane would tone down the Batman voice growling though. He didn't sound that growly the first few seasons, and only used it when he was genuinely barking at Hardison or something. It's possible his voice is just rougher now since he does tour with his band a lot I think, but I think he's just doing the rawr!MANLY GROWL Batman thing that Dean/Jensen overdid so much the last few seasons of SPN, and I just find it kind of grating. But that might just be me.

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