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So about a half hour after I get up yesterday, I was reading email when a little flash of something caught my eye. I looked over to see the power cord to my computer SPARKING, and SETTING THE COUCH ON FIRE.

So I screech something like "OMG FIRE!" and yank the cord out and smother the little fire, which left a teeny charred spot on the sofa, and a matching on on my hand.

My computer starts to go dead, and I quickly put everything I'm working on in googledocs, so I can work on it from another computer. Only to realize, once the compy is completely dead, that I've changed my passwords so many times in the past couple of months with all the email hack crap that I DON'T REMEMBER MY PASSWORD. So I can't get in to work on anything. Or to get my passwords.

We got my Macbook through Best Buy, so it has a three year extended warranty. I call up the Geek Squad and tell them it caught on fire, and can I get a replacement. The guy says I have to bring the cord in, and then yes. I'm like "You have them, and can hand me a replacement?" and he said yes.

Naturally when my sister took it in for me, they say it's defective. (Duh. Caught FIRE!) And that they have to send it to Apple, and then be sent a new one, and that will take five/six days. Oh and they needed a serial number from the computer. Which I couldn't fucking find. My sister's on the phone with me telling me this, and is telling the guy that's not going to work, because I'm already "freaking out about it". (Which I wasn't at that point. I was unhappy, but I wasn't freaked, and I hadn't even asked her to go get it for me. She volunteered. The parents were already going out, so they were just going to do it for me, and I was resigned to waiting until they got home for the night. The way she said it to the guy, I felt like some spastic loser she was laughing at with him, which made me feel FABULOUS, naturally.)

So other sister (adopted-type sister, Chelsea), says that would be after Yuletide, and she had me in the secret Santa exchange (we're just doing one gift per person this year, since we're all poor), and she'll just buy a cord (Like $80 for a macbook pro power cord I think) for me, and then we can bring it back when they replace it. So that's what we did. But Shauna-sister wants to start the process of getting the actual cord so they don't try to not let us take this one back, so she has to take my mac IN to Best Buy for them to look at the serial number, because for whatever reason, when we gave it to them it didn't show up in their warranty records. I quickly pull off ALL of my passwords, all of my docs, and then grab the external drive to do a full backup. She gets supremely pissy over having to wait, but I'm like I'M NOT SENDING IT ANYWHERE WITHOUT A BACKUP, JUST IN CASE.

So we're now in the queue for a new cord from them, and I have one that Chelsea bought powering me up at the moment. I lost my whole day to finish stuff though. Bah.

Thank god for macs though. This sucker powered down, had its batteries taken out twice to look at serial numbers, and when I plugged it back in, it still had all the programs/browser tabs/etc up and waiting for me. It even turned AIM right back on so when poor Stacey said hi, she had to listen to the whole ranting story RIGHT THAT MOMENT.

* - Duma is my Mac's name.

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