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Posting Instead of Finishing Yuletide? Why Yes, I Am

My folks are back safe and sound from their scouting trip. They liked a bunch of towns, but so far their favorite was a place in Massachusetts that I forget the name of right now. Whether or not we'll actually move up north is still up for debate, but we will have to move out of here at some point. With how slow the banks are moving here, it's likely we have at least six months still, so yay for that.

We can't afford to do a big Christmas this year, so we're doing the name-out-of-a-hat style exchange, where we all get one person something. Naturally, I got the hardest one. We have the tree up, but nothing on it yet, and only about a third of the lights will work. So it's kind of a very sad tree right now. It's like a Charlie Brown tree. Also, my parents brought me home the best salt water taffy in the world, so I am a happy bunny already.

My Yuletide story is clipping along. I'm having a little trouble catering to the recipient's specifics, now that I know them, but I'm confident I'll manage still.

My rs_small_gifts story is finished, but not live yet. I did get my story the first or second day and forgot to link to it. fullmoon_dreams wrote me the lovely MMWP road trip fic Rough Times. Thank you again!

I think this may be my last year doing Small Gifts. Remus/Sirius will always be one of the pairings of my heart, but I think I've mostly written the things I want to write for them at this point. (Or read the things I'd have wanted to write, by people who did them better!) But you never know. I may change my mind next year.

I'm going back to writing now, but I'll leave my entry in the anon love meme here for anyone who wants to offer love! I need to go through and comment for people there still.

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