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Holidays Approacheth!

I am going to try to do this again this year, since I'm not going to be able to do pressies for people.

I'm sending out holiday cards soon! So if you'd like a card, leave me your info, and I'll send it over!

Comments are screened, and I'm disabling comments on LJ to keep them all in one place!

And fic run down, for my personal reference:
Small Gifts - Finished and in the posting queue!
Yuletide - Half finished, solid idea of what I'm doing, and about three treats started for other prompts I've seen.
White Lotus - Assignment received, vague idea formed, will worry about it after Yuletide is finished. (OMG NEW FANDOM!)
Other Fic I Am Too Ashamed To Say I Haven't Finished - Not Finished. But close.
NaNoWriMo Project - Sitting at the same wordcount achieved, but not finished state I left it in. Am disappointed. Expected it to magically finish and edit itself and then find publisher.

Also Stacey is tempting me with a new RP game that I might have already made a character journal for, and intend to hold at later. She is a pimp.

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