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*Victory Sign*

So. Ahem.

I have been working out of two docs for my NaNo, vaguely a "first part" and "second part" file, and skipping from scenes to scenes. Which made for a chaotic mess, but a fun one. But I forgot to count the second one, so I was thinking I was a lot lower on word count than I was. Don't ask how I did that, but yeah. So technically, I win.

I have MOST of the bare bones of the novel I think, but there's a lot left to go, so it's a victory word count wise, but it it most definitely NOT a finished work. I like a lot of it. I hate some of it. It needs a whole lot of plot-filling and editing, but I feel accomplished. (I also couldn't get the verification thingy on the NaNo site to work like, ten times, and was randomly posting in sections of my NaNo and various fanfiction stories in pieces to see just how big things had to be to time out. I finally got it through though.) It's a vampire/human story at the heart of it though, which. . . .there are ten million of right now? So I kind of feel like I might have missed the boat, timing wise. But it's the story I wanted to tell, and it's not really a romance, though there are hints of it there. It's more. . . end of the world and supernatural politics and change vs. complacency, and. . . stuff.

I'm going to keep working on it throughout the end of the month, but I'm switching my writing focus over to Small Gifts, and then yuletide, once it opens.

I did get my Dear Yulegoat letter done too, finally. And I didn't end up signing up for ALL THE THINGS, but I signed up for quite a few. (Thank god for the bucket list option!) I ended up swapping a few of my offers around too, when I saw some of the neediest fandoms were stuff I could do. So I am DEEPLY NERVOUS, as always, but also excited! Yay Yuletide! (I did try to keep to stuff that had either canon I knew well enough to not need too much of a refresher, or stuff that had short canon so that I could refresh easily, at least.)

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