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Dear Yulegoat

You're writing me a story! Yay! Thank you!

My fandoms this year are three fairly obscure ones, and one that's about as big as a Yuletide fandom can get. Rest assured that whatever you are matched on and whichever you choose to write, I will be ecstatic. They are all much loved fantoms that I have a pretty wide variety of interest in characters, pairings, and genres, so don't feel limited just by what the requests say!

If you want to know more about me, you can always take a look through my LJ/DW, and through my fanfiction ,but that's all extracurricular, and not necessary. In general, I like banter, wit and wittiness, friends being friends, and humor. I love plans/schemes gone awry, and angst (so long as it's not interminable), bad guys, good guys, kick ass girls, angry boys, flaws, and characters who stay believable in-character, even if they're doing things that fall outside of the norm. I like oblivious boys and the boys who love them. I like canon relationships to be treated with respect, even if they're not the pairings being written. Smut and kink are great, so long as it's not on the extreme end of the spectrum, but gen is fabulous too.

I'm not so fond of character bashing, extreme AU's (though there are exceptions and if that's what's in your storyteller's heart, feel free), mpreg, PWP with nothing else going on (sex is great, I just like there to be a bit more going on, even if it's just a character coda), fluff or angst for the sake of it (such as piling on Woe or Joy without any reason. Angsty/fluffy canon is fine!) Non-con, extreme violence, and chan are all things I'd prefer to avoid. (I have no problem with teenagers say 14 and up, but any younger than that makes me uncomfortable.)

Basically though, write what you love, and chances are I'll love it too! Below are the specifics of my requests, with a little elaboration.

  • The Vampire Diaries (TV)
    The sign up only allows for four characters, but this is a show where I love pretty much everybody, and many, many pairings. Stefan/Damon/Katherine and Stefan/Elena/Damon are my main OT3's, but I also love Caroline and Bonnie, and Jeremy, and Tyler. Jeremy/Tyler, Bonnie/Elena, Damon/Jeremy. . . really, I like A LOT of pairings, and am not picky. My only real objections are to Matt, who I find dull, so would rather not have be a featured player in the story, having him be around in the background is A-Okay though, and to Bonnie/Jeremy, which is fine if you want to include it as well, but I'd prefer it not be the focus of the story. I like both Damon/Elena and Stefan/Elena (And Katherine/Stefan and Damon/Katherine), but usually prefer the threesome over just two.

    If crossovers with other vampires shows is something you're interested in, I'd LOVE a story where Caroline and Jessica from True Blood meet up and Jess bitches about Bill, and Caroline takes her to Stefan for vamping lessons, or the two of them get drunk and Pam has to take them home would be AWESOME. Or anything along those lines. But really, I am very non-picky.

    I love this show, and my journal is full of the squee to prove it. I love everyone and am interested in pretty much everyone's stories, with the exception of Matt, who I don't dislike, but am, as I said, bored by generally.

    Damon is always a favorite, but I also really love Jeremy, and Elena, and Bonnie, and Caroline. The only definite no-gos on pairings to focus on would be Bonnie/Jeremy, otherwise it's pretty fair game. I ship all over the damn place. I also would love gen, crossovers, friendship fic, threesomes, moresomes. . . anything that moves you. I don't have any book knowledge, so I'd prefer it being kept strictly TV canon, and within the tone of the show. I love Damon-Stefan (or Damon/Stefan) snark, and while funny/witty and not heavy as lead is great, I'd probably prefer no straight up happy-go-lucky fluff, since that's not the show's M.O. usually!

  • Young Riders
    My favorite show growing up, and my perennial Yuletide request! I'm very much not picky, my only request for what to avoid is to not center the story around Kid/Lou, as they were always my least favorite part of the series.

    Other than that, I love everything. Slash is always a safe bet with me, and I love Ike/Buck, or Jimmy/Cody, but also love gen, or Jimmy one-sided crushing on Emma. I'd love an old-West roadtrip style fic with the boys setting off somewhere with Teaspoon and getting into trouble, or just the boys hanging around the bunkhouse, being themselves.

    I loved this show, and will always love this show. Ike/Buck was one of my first slashy pairings, before I knew what slash was, but I also just loved the friendship, and the boys hanging around, being boys and arguing or teasing. It's been years since I saw the second and third seasons, so keeping to a first season timeline, or basing it from there, would probably be better for me, but if you want to go later to include Rachel, or Noah or Jesse, then that's fine too!

    I'll warn that I'm a horseperson, so I WILL notice horse terms or the like used incorrectly. I don't expect anyone to spend hours researching equine anatomy, but a quick google/wiki for things would be much appreciated and keep me from being tossed out of the story as I read! (God I sound nitpicky, I swear that's just my one big nitpick!)

  • Kings
    I love this show. I love the grandiose take that Silas' dialogue often has, and the Biblical reference littered all over. Character studies, gen, slash - I'm good with pretty much anything but a heavy focus on Michelle/David.

    I'd love something about Jack and Joseph meeting, or David and Jack getting closer, or something with Silas and Jack during Jacks's earlier years, but really - anything is good. Something more about Andrew's story would be lovely too, even though he's not listed because of the four character limit!

    I still mourn this show. I LOVE Silas in his conniving Kingliness. I love David's mix of earnest and sweet but determined. I love the echo of faith and its repercussions that the show often uses. I love Jack, trying to hard to be what he thinks Silas wants when it goes against what he is, and he'll never be quite as good at it as Silas is. I love him and Joseph, and the inherent tragedy of it. I love the sweet smiles but ruthless core of Rose.

    As I said in my sign up, I'm good with anything except a heavy Michelle/David focus. (I don't mind if they're together or if that's mentioned, I'd just rather it not be featured at the forefront of the story. There are more characters I'm interested in than there are character slots in the sign up, so I'd also love anything about the mystery of Andrew, or his relationship with his father, or with Jack. David/Jack, Jack/Joseph, Andrew/Jack - all good with me. Which is very slash-heavy, but if you're more comfortable with het, then I'd love something about Silas and Rose too, maybe their earlier years or a portrait of them ruling and raising children together. And gen with a take on the Kings' world and politics, or family relations, or anything like that would also be fantastic.

  • Riftwar Saga - Raymond E. Feist
    My first fandom love was Jimmy the Hand. I'd love anything featuring him, but would especially love Arutha and Jimmy friendship fic, or Jimmy/Locklear, or Martin/Arutha. Gen, slash, het, character studies, angst, plotty - whatever moves you, I'd love!

    I also love Nicolas, and Boric and Erland, the twins, and Amos, and Pug and Kasumi and Carline and Gamina, and Nakor. So really, whatever way you want to go is good with me. I have read a few of the later series, but only really have interest up to "The King's Buccaneer", after that I don't know the tie-in novels, so I'd prefer a time period set before that, or during the Riftwar, and something that didn't require knowledge of the in-between novels, though feel free to use details from them!

    The Riftwar was my introduction to fantasy, more or less, excepting Narnia, which gifts it a special place in my heart.

    Jimmy is and always will be my favorite, so you can't go wrong with him. Arutha runs second, and while my slashy heart loves any of the pairings mentioned, I really am fine with het with one of the ladies, or with gen.

    Nakor is awesome and funny, so him getting up to hilarity would be welcome. Twincest with Boric and Erland would also be great, if that's up your ally, but just something exploring the two of them growing up to rule would be good too.

    The original timeperiod from Pug/Tomas' childhood through the events of A Darkness At Sethanon is really my favorite time period of the series, so I'd love anything set around there. AU's would be fine, so long as they didn't lose the flavor of the world.

    So there you have it! I know I gave a lot of specifics, but you can feel free to ignore most of them if you like! Some authors are happier with more guidelines, and some like an open field, so cast off what limits you, and use what helps, and have a great time. Thank you again, yulegoat!

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