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Two Weeks In!

It's been one of those weeks where NOTHING goes right. With a cross-country house-hunting road trip planned in a few weeks, the brakes in one car suddenly go out, and the transmission in another starts acting up. All this on a day when EVERYONE had appointments to get to, of course. FUN.

After having no car to get to NaNo write-ins repeatedly, I gave up on the idea pretty much. I feel like everyone would have already met at this point, so it's just awkward and awkward makes me stressed, which I don't need.

Whether or not I'm going on the road trip is the source of much debate. It would be nice to get out, but planning trips with me is much harder and less reliable, and they need to get to a lot of places, so I'm leaning toward no. (Plus it's the closest thing to a vacation my parents are likely to get, and we can't afford extra hotel rooms, so I think they should get some alone time.)

NaNo is chugging along. I kind of have plot issues, but rather than try to fix them I'm just skipping around writing the scenes I know I want to write, which is working for me for now.

It stands at a sort of. . . mushy middle state though. I know where I want to start, I know where I want to end, I know a lot of what I want to happen, but how to actually transition it is stumping me. I'm used to fanfiction, I think, where most of the time you're dealing with a pre-set, finite timeframe. You're either writing within a set timeline (Marauder's Era HP, 2nd movie X-men, etc.) or using a time frame someone else set up to define yours. (Between this episode and this episode, or post-canon, or whatnot). So even if you're writing something plotty, that timeline to hang it on is already there. With original stuff, I have to frame the plot and time myself and find a way to transition that isn't "AND THEN TWO WEEKS PASSED AND THEY ATE CORNBEEF AND BUILT A HOUSE" sort of thing.

So yeah, hard. I'm at.
1. Beginning
2. Conflict Begins
5. ???
6. Resolution
7. . . . Profit?

On the plus side, my werewolf matriarchy lesbian werewolves are insanely fun to write. And my fae character has developed a personality, which they were lacking to start with for a while, so that's good. Also I think I found a use for a random idea I had a while ago.

When I'm not writing, I've been working on bios for some PSL characters with [personal profile] banesidhe, and bettef, who I never get to write with anymore, so I'm glad about that. And I've been WoWing a lot, since it's a nice break from writing.

Now that I did one Battleground, I kind of keep popping into a few of them. It's weirdly fun, and not many people talk, so I don't have people getting annoyed at me. I've also done my first ever dungeons! Which is a big deal for me, I get anxious. But no one died and no one yelled, and I got to see neat stuff for once, so I was happy.

The new update also gave Hunters a 20 pet stable, so I've been happily taming ALL THE THINGS, and now have all four spirit pets, King Kush, Aotona, and a few other rare spawns. (The Altarac wolf, the ghost leopard, Nuramoc, the white gorilla, the rare Winterspring cat, etc.) My hunter also stumbled on the Time Lost Proto-Drake, and got the Reins of the Green Protodrake in his cracked egg, so he has two dragon mounts. The wifey is helping me run through Heroic Setthek to try to get the Ravenlord Mount, which is one of my two favoritest land mounts.

It's weird how invested you can get in stupid pixels on a screen, but I have fun, AND I'm not too behind on my word count, so I'm counting it as a win and squee worthy.

I've been behind on my TVage. I've watched a few episodes of the second season of Fringe on DVD, and have seen a couple of other things. I'm up to date on the Vampire Diaries, which I still love, and on Glee. Which I do not love, but watch for the musical numbers and in the vain hope that someone will drop a house on Schuester.

Also yuletide is gearing up, and is already spawning wank, which makes me sad. It made me sad (and also a bit ragey) last year when people started bitching because of glitches. (Like there hasn't been glitch issues every year. It's part of the tradition. They were just a NEW TYPE of glitch.) But anyway,

I love Yuletide. It's like my favorite holiday tradition at this point. And it's HUGE. The moderators wanting to find a way to automate a system to run it not only makes sense, but I think it's NECESSARY since it's growing every year. Using A03 as the gauge might not be the most accurate barometer, but it was probably the easiest to code and automate. From what I'm seeing, there's lots of cries of "But if you just googled for it, you could see how many/few X fandom has!" That's like, 4500 things to "just google". And the list they posted WASN'T finished, last I saw - they were still tweaking.

In my opinion, they decided to save their own sanity by trying to automate, and yes, some things are going to slip through the cracks, though they're trying to catch them, but they'd rather have some potentially too-big fantoms get in than err the other way. And if they get in, they get in. With how huge an undertaking it is, I can't blame them for not wanting to stress over that. People can request or not request as they like.

And policing fandom contents by deciding what is or is not allowed based on whether it's offensive is definitely not their job.

So yeah. I'm a fan of OTW, and A03, and am not disguising that, but I'm not a BNF by any means, and can honestly say that even if I disliked the archive, I would still be on the mods' side in this. They are VOLUNTEERS running something for FUN. It's like an RP game. Mods try to be fair, but in the end, they're the ones doing the work and setting the rules. You can abide, or you can choose not to participate. Polite requests and debates are fine, endless wanking and whining - not gonna help anyone or convince anyone.

I'm combating my grumbling about things by catching up on Reasoning With Vampires, which is HILARIOUS, and also true.

Tomorrow, I think I'm going to write the anti-love scene which is, in my head at least, hilarious. (Hilarious TO ME. MY MEASURE OF FUNNY IS PROBABLY VERY OFF.)

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