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Poor Puppy

I have not gotten much done today, largely because of Unexpected Canine.

My sister went to Winn Dixie, and there was a teeny Chihuahua in the parking lot, who someone had dropped out of a car, and she jumped into a young mom's car, and wouldn't come out. Poor little thing is middle aged, we think, and very pregnant. She was growling and snapping at anyone who tried to touch her, just because she was terrified. A bagger at Winn Dixie finally just pulled her out of the car, and got bit, in the process, and put her in my sister's car. She was crawling with fleas, and it took about an hour after we got her home and my dad sitting by the car talking to her before she let him touch her, and then once she did, he picked her up and cuddled her and she's been a little angel.

We gave her a bath and called the vet to see if it was okay to put Advantage on her, if she's pregnant, and have her tucked away in a little carrier sleeping right now. She's drunk some water, and eaten a little, and is a doll who just wants to cuddle.

The local SPCA, which is a no-kill shelter, was already closing, but she said that they have good luck with little dogs, so they'll be able to take her. Of course that was before we realized she was pregnant, so hopefully that won't mean they don't have room. With us possibly having to vacate the house in 90 days, and one old dog and seven cats, we really can't keep her.

I'll try to snap a couple of pictures of her when she's awake. If by any chance anyone knows someone in Florida who'd love a very sweet little cream-colored, middle-aged (we think) Chihuahua, then send them my way. She's a bit bit for a Chihuahua, but she looks pure, so if she's anything else, it's not a lot. She's seen our cats and seems fine with them, and hasn't barked or anything yet. We don't know about housebroken, but she mostly just wants to curl up in someone's lap and be cuddled, so far.

I don't know how people can do things like that. This isn't a puppy, and she looks like she was an inside dog. How can you keep a dog, and then just dump it? I mean, I'm going to have a hard time handing her over after ONE DAY because I feel bad for the poor thing getting relocated again.

People suck.

So yeah, not much writing. But for the record:

Edited to Add: And here she is.

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