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Aborted Plans

My NaNo meet up was canceled for the day, so I shall not be going out. There's more later in the week, so if I can get the car I might go to one of those instead.

So I shall write in, while actually staying in today!

I'm going to be cleaning out my flist over on LJ, just removing comms and such I don't watch, and people that I have added over on DW, since I prefer to read over there. If I accidentally remove you, and you're not on DW, then just let me know! And if you have a DW, then let me know that too, and I'll add you. (Also I still have codes, if anyone needs.)

I finished the fourth season of Friday Night Lights. This show breaks my heart. I was afraid I wasn't going to invest in any of the Lions, since they were NEW, but I kind of love Vince and Luke.

I really like Jess, though I wish we got to see her a little more outside of her father and Landry or Vince. I'm kind of iffy on Becky, but honestly I think like, half of my problem with her is that, around the face, she looks JUST LIKE TYRA. Something about her expressions, and the shape of her eyes and such, she reminds me SO much of Tyra, and it kind of weirds me out.

I like that despite a few missteps, because he's Tim, the Becky/Tim relationship kind of STAYED just friends, because I don't think he's managed that with any girl, ever. I miss Tim and Landry being friends, though, and Tim and his 25 acres just broke my heart. (And Skeeter. The whole scene with him naming the dog just made me sniffly and laughing.)

But not as much as Matt and his dad. I'm so glad Matt left, but really the whole thing was just kind of heartbreaking. The thing this show does so well (and that it screwed up so bad in the second season) is the little tragedies of everyday life. When horrible, dramatic things happen, it's not a plot of the week, it's just LIFE. Some days, you lose games, some days people die. Things like Vince's mom ODing, and Matt's dad dying, and all of that COULD be done for drama and over the top, but it's just folded in. It's very quiet, and its very stark, and its very real.

I liked how they used past season's cast members and brought them back, but it felt organic, too. Lyra coming back around, not really sure who she is yet. Matt breaking away, but not really, and having it not feel like home. Even the callback to Smash playing on TV and such. I like the sense of time on the show. You don't get three years of someone as a sophomore. Things move, things change, and it's not always for the better, but everyone has to live with it.

I did really miss Tyra, and while in the past I've found Billy's loser charm endearing, he was a little. . . frantic in some episodes, and I found it a little grating to watch, though believable.

I like that they let us be disappointed, along with the Lions, when their season was cut short, but couldn't help but cheer when they beat the Panthers. (And man, what a little shit JD has turned into!)

And I have to say - he's always been a very NECESSARY part of the show, but never a part I watched for, but I kind of got attached to Buddy Garrity this season. Maybe it's just because I loathe JD's dad so much, and Buddy told him to fuck off, more or less.

I just love this show.

I wish I could watch the new/last season. Stupid no DirecTV!

Now I will go write for a while.

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