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Day One Down! I got my new account registered over there, since I didn't want to use my old name, and introduced myself to the local writers, and the plan is for me to trek to Tampa tomorrow to meet up, barring headache interference.

So nervous ya'll. I never meet strangers! I am LEAVING THE HOUSE OF MY OWN VOLITION.

So first day done. Not a big word count, but I did a lot of concept tweaking and such.

My Novel is called Unearthed, at the moment, and is an old idea that I scrapped everything on but supplementary character write ups and world building notes. It's a post-apocalyptic supernatural story where humanity is the lifesblood of the planet, and they were almost killed off. Now they are kept carefully housed, protected by vampires, who have a vested interest in them staying alive long-germ, and are using their sole access to the humans to use them as pawns in political and power games with one another, and with the major other supernatural beings.

The Main Character and protagonist is Anna, one of the only humans who realizes how much their life sucks, and her life is forever changed when she tries to help a friend and ends smack dab in the middle of a vampire power game that's been building for centuries.

Short version: vampires that don't sparkle! Lesbian werewolves! Heroine Character of Color! Intrigue! Factioning! Scary Fae bogeymen!

Here's hoping I finish it, I've had these characters living in my brain for a while now.

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