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November will be the death of me

I've spent the last two days madly changing all old accounts' emails, because someone hacked my old gmail account (the sullensiren (at) gmail one). I ran through the password resetting and recovery form, but STILL can't get in, and google is supremely unhelpful so far, so hopefully whoever hacked it is locked out too, but just in case - if anyone gets emailed random weird crap, I'm sorry. Feel free to block that account or autospam it - I never use it, I just have it still.

((Note that since I actually started writing this post, and the time that I posted it, google got back to me and reset the account to me, so I have it back now, yay.))

The bizarre thing was that I found out it was hacked by someone resetting the password from my x-tube account, which I had back from the days at Darkening, when everyone first discovered "the porn youtube", and were finding horrifying/hilarious stuff to link each other to. And it's a FREE account, so. . . why not just get your own? I DON'T GET IT.

I forgot I even HAD that account. I am not a visual porn person, usually. Gimme my smut in written form.

So that is frustrating. But I claimed my rs_small_gifts prompt, and have a good idea where I'm going with it. Yuletide has started its process, too. Which is enough for me to prep to do, right?

BUUUUUT, I am insane, and I decided to do NaNoWriMo too. I might not make it, but I decided that trying would be good, and that I need to get out of the house, so the local meetings and write-ins and such might be a good way to be out and meet a few people. Which makes me neeeeervous, but I'll try it, provided I can get there. I need to start doing not-at-home stuff sometimes. So I'll probably be doing some Nano babbling posts, feel free to skip by them.

We're also beginning to have to pack in earnest and prepare for a move, which I think I'm going to document as part of a separate blog, so it's not all mixed in with my various TV babble. It's scary, but a move might be good for us.

Because of all that and my continuing inability to focus though, I decided to finally bite the bullet and leave Wished altogether. I just never could really rebound there after my long hiatus, and I think I'd be better starting fresh, when things calm down, with a new game. I'm going to miss the hell out of George and Merton though, and playing with the peeps there. I hate to have to do it, but I need to be a grown up and stop hoarding when I never get around to keeping up. (I am totally going to mourn Angelina and George's BFFness though. :( )

Also we've had Halloween candy around, which is bad since I eat it, but it tastes gooooood. I think I might start the new year this year by going back onto a liquid/protein shake diet for a while, to jump start myself losing again, and reset myself.

This has been lots of babble about my boring life.

Expect more talking about Vampire Diaries (OMG, CAROLINE, HOW ARE YOU SO AWESOME), and other such things, next time too. I'm finally watching the fourth season of Friday Night Lights now, too, god, Matt Saracen, you break my heart.

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