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Zen. I am Zen.

I have watched the last two episodes of Glee. . .

Grilled Cheesus filled me with rage intermittently, but Kurt's dad is not dead, so I do not have to break up with the show permanently. And. . . okay, I LOVE Quinn, you guys. She's one of my favorites. But I totally thought Sam was going to be Kurt's love interest, and if that is not the case, I am disappoint. Though Quinn and him are cute together too. I hope they don't shoehorn someone in for Kurt briefly, since they don't do that very well, from what we saw with Jesse.

My attempted zen Glee philosophy prevents me from complaining more. I did really like getting to see some of the not-Finn-and-Rachel characters get big songs the last few episodes, and the refreshing lack of Will. And please let the "Rachel ends episode with power ballad" theme have died now. I liked her duet with Kurt, but it's starting to get to that "Rachel sums up the show with a power ballad" point, which is annoying. It's like the JD sum-up at the end of ever Scrubs.

That didn't count as complaining.

Brittany/Santana OTP, ya'll.

Also, they are NOT EVEN A LITTLE SUBTLE about having Sam around for the pretty, are they? How many times have they gotten that kid shirtless already? It's getting to be like Tim Riggins, on FNL.

I've also finally started watching my way through the first season of Fringe. It's one of those things I knew I hadn't given enough of a shot, and I've seen a couple of minutes of episodes this season, and was interested, so I started from the beginning. I can't say I'm getting fannish about it yet, but I am enjoying it. I think my very large soft spot for Joshua Jackson helps, though. I also really like Oliva so far.

E.T.A. Does anyone know of any good custom mood theme resources? I don't really like the default choices on DW, and want to upload something else, if I can figure out how.

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