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I want a puppy

Everyone keeps showing me puppy pictures lately and I want one so badly, but won't get one.

I just watched this week's Vampire Diaries.

OMG. Caroline, I love you. You are the bestest baby vampire and I feel SO BAD FOR YOU, and you break my heart, but are SO AWESOME. How did the vapid blond become so full of awesome? Her kicking Mason's ass made my HEART HAPPY.

You know what I want? Crossover baby vampire fic with Jessica from True Blood and Caroline meeting up and shopping and bitching about Bill and Damon and being adorable and kickass. And Caroline tells Jessica what a good vampire-mentor Stefan is and she drags Jessica back to him for Vampiring 101 because Bill is a sucky maker. SOMEONE GET ON THAT.

Also Tyler/Jeremy is practically canon now, and Jeremy HAS gotten super-cute, and I really hope Damon actually *means* it when he says he's friends with the Sheriff, even though he probably doesn't, because he's Damon.

And Katherine is the bitchiest bitch who ever bitched and I still love her.

I also love Damon.

I love my stupid vampire show, seriously, there is something wrong with me. I like that they change things for good, and that they don't always do what I expect.

That show is like my happy place right now. I want to fic/RP for it so badly but still don't have the brain yet. I have yet to watch Glee, Supernatural, or anything else airing this week, and have other stuff to catch up on.

I did watch Kick Ass finally, which I found entertaining, but ultimately fairly forgettable. Hit Girl made the movie, and really without her it would have been pretty bland, I think. I like that little actress and suppose I need to see Let Me In, but I loved the original so much, I'm afraid I'll be unable to divorce myself enough to not bitch at the changes.

I've also been watching the third season of Gossip Girl. I AM SHAMELESS.

I had to switch out my new phone for a new-new phone 'cause it kept shutting off and refusing to come back on unless I pulled the battery/sim card, so now I have to fix it up again. If this one does it, I think I may try to argue T-mobile into letting me switch models altogether, even though I like it, otherwise.

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