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"You're going to feel some tingling in your pants"

*points to subject line* That was what Stacey answered when I asked if Glee was going to fill me with rage this week, before I watched it, and she was talking about Brittany dancing, and it made me laugh.

I am unthrilled by the Supernatural premiere. I'm not going to go into detail, because other people have said it better than me - but this doesn't look much like the show I signed up for. Or one I would watch if I came in now.

Okay, I lied, one small spoiler. I would totally trade in Grandpa Hunter, Cas (when he inevitably returns), and Bobby (I love you, Bobby, but you got like two get out of death free cards, at this point) for Ellen. Or Mary. Or Gabriel/Trickster, but let's face it, he's a dude, and popular, so there's a much higher chance of them finding a way to bring him back than there is the ladies. And it's sad that I was actually SUPER EXCITED that Lisa didn't get fridged the first ep out, even if he did dream sequence her death.

Vampire Diaries continues to be my favorite. Katherine is so much fun. And god, Caroline BREAKS MY HEART, and I don't know how that happened. But she does. And ummm. . . I am NOT PROUD of this, but I may totally want Damon/Mason fic now. LOOK, IT IS NOT MY FAULT IAN IS TOTALLY VIBEY WITH EVERY COSTAR EVER.

I miss Jeremy though, we didn't even see him this ep, I don't think. Jenna and Alaric are totally cute. And I miss Anna.

I also saw Glee, and have decided to ignore everything that irritates me if at all possible and just focus on the singing and dancing. Brittany/Santana OTP! Brittany had solos! Brittany needs ALL THE SOLOS now! That girl can dance, and I loved seeing her get more screen time. And even if I find the Artie football thing sort of forced, his number was cute. Finn needs to never dance, ever.

And all right for Emma. Uncle Jesse=Total Upgrade.

I like that we still see Becky, and she's kind of Sue's go-to girl, and I want more Quinn, damnit.

I still loathe Finn and Will and wish them to die a firey burning death, but my new zen philosophy of watching forbids me from dwelling on that.

Also, Kurt, I love you, but WTF were you wearing this episode? And Rachel was kind of hard to watch schoolgirling it up. (Also if I wasn't zen, I would bitch about Finn and her and the stupidity of Finn and how Rachel's conniving has gone from cutely irritating last season to obnoxious this season, but I am too zen.)

Though if they kill Kurt's dad next week, WE ARE BROKEN UP, SHOW.

I am also unthrilled by House this season, which I'm only watching because my mom does. (I do not mind the Cuddy/House being canon, but I hate how it happened, and how they're using it.. . . which I'm not spoiler cutting because it's on all the previews.)

And umm. . . I watched the las season of Eureka, and. . . meh. I felt the reboot and time jumping was false, too convenient, and too much of a handwave. I've never been hot on Jack/Allison, but it was inevitable, so I never minded it, either. Them rebooting Allison's son as non-autistic felt. . . I don't want to say ableist, because I don't feel qualified to talk about it at length, but it BOTHERED me. Like he was too heavy a plot to deal with so they chucked it, after barely dealing with her HAVING a son since the first season.

I'm not shippy about the show at all, which may be why I have such a problem enjoying it now that it's LARGELY about the relationships. Zane/Jo, Allison/Carter, Zane/Zoe, Henry/. . . Grace? I think I feel guilty for not even knowing her name, but we haven't seen her hardly at all aside from HENRY'S SUDDEN LOVE INTEREST THAT WE DON'T GET TO SEE BUILT AS A RELATIONSHIP OR A PERSON AT ALL, Grant/Allison/Jack love triangle. . . the quirky plots and weird town and zany antics have disappeared under all of that for me, and I just don't CARE about any of that, so it's, again, not the show I started watching.

It probably also doesn't help that whenever Grant is on screen, I'm like OH HAI BALTAR, and expect him to have a harem of inexplicably attracted women following him around like adoring ducklings.

So yeah, another show that I probably wouldn't be watching if my family didn't watch it religiously.

I saw the pilot for Nikita and The Event and was underwhelmed/bored by both. I WANT to like Nikita, but don't so far. I DID like Undercovers, which was snappy and fun and even if I'm kind of tired of the whole secret agent thing, (Burn Notice, Covert Affairs, Nikita, Undercovers, Etc.) I enjoyed it. And the leads are both hot and likable. Which helps. I still have to watch Lonestar, which might already be doomed, and something else. I forget what.

Something else we've been sporadically watching is Top Gear. I think I first heard of the show from [personal profile] eyesdelight, but didn't really know what it was. (Or maybe not, Michelle, but I thought it was one of the shows you liked!) Then like, six months ago my sister was watching, and it was an episode about them testing out different affordable cars for teenagers, and running them through tests that teenagers would do. (Sneaking home late and pushing the car, driving into a field for a concert and getting out again.) And I about died laughing. Since then I've seen a few episodes, and there was one where they built their own "Green" car, which they wanted to call Hammerhead or something, but one of the others dubbed it "Geoff" first. The entire episode was hilarious, and I think I saw it three times it the service of my sister showing it to me, and then to Chelsea, and then to my dad, and it kills me EVERY TIME.

So since then it's just something we can leave on. I know NOTHING about cars aside from which pedals do what and such, but they're funny, engaging, and ridiculously entertaining. They also get a lot of guest stars who come on to drive on their track and talk, and watching them react to their times and try to drive their lap is always funny. (Helen Mirren was on the other day and was SO CHARMING and cute.)

If I ever get famous, I so want to get to drive on there.

So yeah. It's on like it's 14th season and I went that long never knowing about it but I LOVE IT. Even if I have NO IDEA what they're talking about when they start to actually get all car-talky.

Also, as you can see, I've been trying to post more regularly to DW/LJ. I. . . am mostly talking about TV, which is unshocking. But if anyone has my friended and is suddenly dismayed by all this blather, feel free to unfriend/unsubscribe if you like! I have a zero drama friending policy.

This entry has not been very well spell-checked/proof read. I feel this may bite me in the ass when I look at it tomorrow and headdesk.

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