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I have too many remotes

The shape of the remote for the fan in my room, and the shape of my brain remote are very similar, so I keep grabbing that while half-asleep, and then realizing that it does not turn the fan on.

So I've been playing with my phone. I've got some apps I like and am still playing with getting it set up how I like. Most people I know have Iphones, not Droid phones, so Droid people - favorite apps? And does anyone have a good one they use for IJ/LJ/DW? Because the regular browser seems to hate IJ sporadically, and I'd like to be able to read my flists from it more easily, or post comments/RP tags now and then, when I'm stuck in the hospital for refills. Which I was the only day, but just for a few hours, not a stay, so I'm still doing better than I was.

I managed to see the first episode of series 3 Merlin because I happened on a link to a download, but haven't seen the others. Does anyone have a non-torrent source for that, by any chance? 'Cause I'd like to watch.

Also I just got a sudden influx of old IJ notifs from the last week or two. Weird. Is that happening to everyone?

And I'm umm. . . tempted by NaNoWriMo. Again. But with the holiday challenges and such looming ever closer, I think I'll pass. And finish my damn help_hait fic. (I suck, god.)

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