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I watch a lot of TV

Health sill fine. Implant working, surgery incisions still sore, but getting better.

Okay, so, I watched Glee. I missed people's reactions, if there were any posted, but I found this episode largely unfunny, full of the Things that Annoy Me. I kind of wanted everyone to fall off a cliff and die except for select people. Sue is always Sue, and I find that I'm okay with that, but enjoy her more when she's used as a seasoning, not as a main dish.

Words cannot express how much I fucking hate Will though. And Finn. I want to punch them both in the face. I also didn't like the Artie/Tina thing, mainly because her reasoning for WHY they broke up was pretty valid - if he was ignoring her for Halo - but it was set up to make her look like a shallow bitch for a punchline. (The "Abs" line, and Artie's subsequent football aspirations.)

I just. . . I don't know. I can't even articulate it, but sometimes this show makes me so uncomfortable in how it handles things.

I liked Sunshine's number, and I was actually getting to kind of like Rachel in the last season, but I HATED her shenanigans last episode, and I hated that her big last teary number STILL made her look like a self-sacrificing martyr. Like she completely missed the point, which is okay, since that happens, but it was like the show couldn't decide. Also, I hate Finn and his self-righteous finger-shaking, even if I hated Rachel's actions too.

The music was fun. But there was a whole lot of Do Not Want in there for me, and I don't know if I can handle getting this ragey over every episode for the sake of songs. There'd better be more Kurt's Dad to counter my rage with his awesome, or I'm going to need some zen moments or something.

And then I watched Vampire Diaries.
How did Caroline become a character that breaks my heart? Also, Stefan trying to help/mentor her is sort of making me love him more. Bonnie needs to tone down the self-righteous a few notches. I still love her, but she's on notice.

But seriously, watching Caroline fumble makes me feel so bad for her. (Though I did snicker at the heavier eyeliner they had on her this episode. Becoming a vampire=automatic hair and makeup upgrade? Because Katherine's hair > Elena's hair.) And Damon is just SO BAD at feelings.

Also, Damon seems to just kind of fall into accidentally being friends with people, and getting sucked back into the human emotional spectrum because of it. Stefan CHOSE to start going to school, associating with people, being human, for all intents and purposes. Damon blew back into town with the intention of mostly harassing his brother because. . . well, Katherine, but I also just think that Damon gets lonely, and his push-pull tormenting of Stefan was a relationship of sorts. (We see that Damon's had a lot of vamp know him, and such, but since he also rarely has a hard time offing them, I'm thinking the friendships there don't run too deep.)

But then he somehow got attached to Elena. And then through her he sort of had weird bonding things with Alaric, with Jeremy, even with Caroline's mom, and such. It just happens, and he doesn't know what to do with it, and then once it happens, they can pretty much make an idiot of him and he doesn't stop it. (Note Elena's emotional manipulation. The fact that Damon is forever TRYING to play the mysterious mastermind, but fucks it up because he really wants her to LIKE him.)

I am not all that interested in the werewolfing storyline yet, but we'll see where it goes. I DID like that they took a moment with an already-identified ragey character like Tyler, and then put him alone with a girl who said no, and confessed to liking someone else, and it didn't turn into something really unpleasant. She said no, he kissed her again, she said no, and he stopped. I was just really glad they didn't do something icky with raging hormones/wolfness there.

I love my pretty vampire show.

Mmm. TV. . .

I realized that I never finished the last Doctor Who season. I feel like the majority of fandom will want to run me over with a train, but I just. . . lost interest? I don't know. I realize there's RAGING wars over the change in Doctors and Companions, but I did like 11 fine. (9 is still my favorite.) I just. . . didn't really care about the plots, and I didn't like Amy? I didn't hate her, but I was apathetic about her. (The actress never really grabbed me, which I think is a big part of the reason I didn't warm to her.) So I should finish that at some point and see if I can get re-invested. I WANTED to like it, I really did.

I also watched the first Boardwalk Empire. I'm reserving judgment. So far it felt like a lot of very flashy noise, and not enough substance, but Buscemi was awesome. (Also OMG, a lot of really bad Italian accents.)

I need some more Vampire Diaries icons.

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