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I wish I could draw

OMG so cute. Inception My Little Ponies! Cobb's little squinty face kills me. How does a pony look that much like Leonardo DiCaprio?

Seriously. So cute.

Also, I watched White Collar. WTF? Okay, I very much doubt the show will kill off Mozzie, because he's MOZZIE, and this is not a heavy angst-times show. Everyone loves Moz. Killing him would be a misstep. So either he'll recover, or it's a play that we'll see the set up of next season.

That said, YOU ARE ON NOTICE, SHOW. If Mozzie dies, we may have to rethink our relationship. Scenes of Neal standing around shirtless for discussions are not going to fix a lack of Moz, should that happen. (Although said scene was welcome, not gonna lie. How is Matt Bomer so pretty?)

I would like the following three things to happen in future episodes:
1. Mozzie not die.
2. Kate not be not-dead. Because Kate storylines are boring, and take away from the banter, and I disapprove of that.
3. More Jones, Diana, and El. (Also, why can't we have Diana AND Natalie Morales? We barely got to know Cruz!)

I'm glad that we're giving Jones and Diana a little more to do, but more is appreciated. And it was REALLY nice to see El in more than one token scene, and not weirdly green-screened away. I'm presuming they were doing that to hide Tiffani Thiessen being pregnant, but it was a really lousy job, since the scenes were horribly grafted in, and felt like a token, and she looked horrible, which is hard to do with El, so they had to work to make her look that bad.

So yes. That's my order for next season.

Also - Neal wanted to go on Date Night. *draws sparkly hearts around El/Neal/Peter*

I've been slowly getting back into RP a bit at Wished. I almost gave up my characters altogether, with everything going on, but Bette and Tygs wouldn't let me drop all of them, so I have two still, and am having fun getting back in the swing of things, even if I always feel a step behind!

The Ao3 had its birthday last week, and gave out invite codes, so if anyone wants an A03 account, just comment and let me know! I also still have DW codes, if anyone still needs them. (For those following the cross-posting LJ drama, LJ news did announce that cross-posting comments from locked posts is now disabled, unless you're opted into Cyrillic, which. . . I don't know what it is, but it's evidently easy to opt into, so thus it's not a huge fix. I don't know at this point. And they didn't address the trolling/privacy invading staff members at all.)

Tomorrow, I go get the staples out of my head and the stitches out of my back. YAY FOR NO MORE ITCHY BANDAGES!

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