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OMFG, show, I love you, but please, stop killing off female characters I love!

I seriously would have been happier if they'd actually killed Jeremy and vamped him, and he'd had to deal with it, or Katherine nabs him and runs off to train him up as an evil baby brother. And if they'd gone ahead and let John die. So far our body count is pretty heavily slanted toward the ladies. I don't mind characters being killed off, but equal opportunity mayhem, please. Godammnit. Caroline needs to come back as a vampire, since she had Damon blood in her system, right?

That said, I am so DEEPLY SHALLOW, because Nina Dolbrev is TEN TIMES HOTTER as Katherine. And is clearly having fun player her own evil twin. Katherine has a better hairstylist, too.

And Jeremy and Tyler are secretly dating, yes/yes? This is the impression we were supposed to get, I AM CONVINCED. Not really, but there could have been some grief stricken, teenage boy angsty making out there, and it would not have been out of place. I'm just saying.

Stefan, when did you get fun? Adding Katherine makes everyone more interesting, CLEARLY. Bonnie, you are awesome, even if your actress has questionable hair and fashion choices.

And the whole thing with Tyler and his "uncle" dude tackling him and making him look at him to calm down - alpha wolf thing? His actual father? He's damn young looking though, if they're going that route. (Note that "Uncle" is a guess, because my DVR fuzzed out a few minutes, right when he was introduced.)

In conclusion - shiny vampire show, I MISSED YOU.

My DVR has screwed up a couple of things, I'm only now discovering as I catch up on shows, and we're missing a White Collar, so I'm downloading that.

I'm caught up on True Blood, and am still entertained, though it's my second favorite vampire show currently airing. (I like that there's enough vampire shows on at this point that you have to have a numbered preference list.)

I'm also underwhelmed with Eureka's latest season. Meh. I have thinky thoughts on not liking the angle they took, but I can't be bothered to write them up just now.

I know Merlin is coming back for its third season soon, but I'll probably have to wait until it airs in the States to see it. (Damnit.) I have finally watched all the way through the second season. I'm SUPER late to the boat though. Where's the good fic, help a girl out? While you're at it, if you have any recs for awesome Vampire Diaries, Avatar: The Last Airbender (cartoon), or True Blood fic too, then offer them up, please!

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