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I Live!

So I am alive. And actually have that 30 Days meme almost finished in a text file that I'll probably post later.

There's actually been a lot going on. I had a temporary Spinal Stimulator put in, only not for the spine, but for the occipital nerve in mah brain. The temporary one has two wirey thingys that they insert into your brain and then stitch to your neck and tape the everloving shit out of to keep it in place. You have a remote to control the pulses, and turn it up or down and such, and see if it can stop your migraines.

It seemed to work really well, and better than anything else I've tried, so I am very pleased, and cautiously hopeful, since even the vertigo seemed to be improving a bit by the end of the trial week. It was removed today, but I go in for two weeks for the permanent version, which is then inserted under the skin, so I don't have all the external wire crap. I will still have a remote, which prompts everyone I ever tell about it to ask if I'll have a mute button. (No. You can kind of buzz me if you take it and turn it up though.)

So in addition to that I've had a lot of doctor's appointments to try to get me in to places for insurance mess reasons. (Insurance won't cover the girl with constantly plummeting blood levels, so we're appealing which means getting every doctor EVER to write notes.) My blood continues to drop suddenly, but it's finally starting to get more stable again, so I'm not so tired. I have to be monitored very closely, but it's better!

So yeah, things are going pretty well, knock wood. I'm mostly posting as a "yes I live", and also because a friend linked me to the latest round of LJ!fail with the new pingbacks and crossposting to facebook and twitter, even from locked posts.

I think the thing that irks me most when LJ does crap like this is that there is either NO opt out, for your personal journal or locked comms, or there is not OBVIOUS opt-out, and they keep debuting these things as enabled automatically. UNVEIL THEM WITH THE OPTION TO TURN IT ON, NOT TURNED ON BY DEFAULT. Grah.

So if anyone wants to move over to dreamwidth, where I am, as lorax, I've got some codes up for grabs, and copperbadge has a post dedicated to it if anyone else needs one. (Which I hope is okay to link to, since it's open!) I crosspost from dreamwidth, and still read my flist there, when I can, and have comms and such I watch, but I am mostly based over there now. LJ also borked tags so any tag with a "/" in it currently isn't working. They have said that's an oops they'll fix though, I believe.

And for the record, I don't care if you want to crossposts any comments to my journal, if it's an unlocked entry. If it's locked, I'd rather you didn't. (Also does anyone know how to do the lj-user tag so that it shows up as an LJ user or DW user instead of just displaying for whichever site the entry is on? I think that's a really badly framed question, but I'm too tired to fix it.)

And I just got home from having my temporary unit removed, and am beat, so to sleep I go!

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