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Phone Woes

Drive by post with a question, if anyone sees this and has any knowledge.

We're trying to wrangle our way into a new phone to replace my dying Sidekick III. (Which is teetering on its last legs, not aided by my having managed to drop it the other day.) Obviously, my soul longs for the new Iphone, but given being able to manage that is veeeerrrry unlikely, I'll probably have to stick with T-Mobile, our current provider, and try to find something there.

The T-Mobile® myTouch™ 3G Slide, the HTC HD2, BlackBerry® Bold™ 9700, and T-Mobile Dash 3G are looking like possibilities, and I'm trying to read reviews and things, but it's all VERY CONFUSING. So does anyone have any of those, or know anything about them to give me any info about if they're any good?

Mostly I want decent ability to surf the web, call clarity, and decent battery life, the bells and whistles are kind of not something I use usually, but that doesn't mean I won't use them if I have them available.

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