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Day Three

I missed a day due to hospital blood refilling time, so I'll try to do another one later to catch up.

Day 03 - Your favorite new show (aired this TV season)
The Vampire Diaries.

The thing with this show is that I pretty much started watching anticipating that it would be Twilight on TV, and I would get sick of it quickly and hate it. I am, however, shameless, and I watched anyway because of Ian Somerhalder. He's pretty, okay? I will watch anything he's in enough to at least give it a shot.

I was surprised that I didn't hate it, but the first few episodes weren't overwhelming me with awesome or anything, and I actually almost did stop around episode four. But the show was still on the DVR, and I was bored one night and watched the rest of the episodes we had at the time. By episode six, I think, I was hooked.

The show is not a revelation of newness. It's teenage vampire love with the dangerous vampire boyfriend, and a love triangle, and teenage crap. But it's GOOD despite that. Stefan is the brooding vampire boyfriend, and while he does get stale sometimes - he's also sometimes pretty funny, and does lighten up, and you get to like him anyway.

Damon as his badass, quasi-evil brother is hilarious, witty, and hot as hell. He and Stefan both obsessed over the same girl, and threesomes are pretty much canon. Katherine was the vampire they both loved, that turned them.

Elena is Stefan's present-day girlfriend, who happens to look just like Katherine. It's creepy, but it's supposed to be, and Elena is. . . likable. Twilight had predisposed me to thinking that I would loathe the female lead who is the girl all the vampires want. But she's genuine, reacts logically, much of the time, cares for her little brother and aunt - even though she makes some pretty big mistakes in how she deals with them - and is, in general, the kind of person I wouldn't mind knowing. She stars off with dead parents, and I was afraid of the Lana Lang syndrome (Where in the first few seasons of Smallville, we are constantly reminded of Dead Parents and how sad Lana is until you want to punch a kitten), but it's dealt with and while it certainly has an effect on the show and Elena and Jeremy, her brother, it's not a pervasive, clunky plot hook, most of the time.

There is a parade of awesome guest stars, but for me the show is made by the side characters. Tyler, the angry football joke who is slowly evolving from stereotype to real person with real problems and oddities. Caroline, the vapid cheerleader who is actually this sweet, genuine person who just isn't that bright and knows that she's probably never going to have a life that amounts to something greater than where she is now. Jeremy, the emo little brother who ends up. . . well emo, but it's a journey. Bonnie, the witch best friend who is AWESOME. (Though there is a period where she vanishes for a while, and it makes me sad.) Jenna, the cool aunt who has to shoulder two teenage kids after their parents died and has no clue what she's doing.

The side characters are all developed nicely, and getting more so, and there's some moments of awesome. And the plot itself is interesting, and moves. The show is not afraid to throw things at you - people die, people get hurt, people do astoundingly stupid things, people change.

Is it the best show ever? No. But it's consistently entertaining, and it became my happy place show this season - the one I most looked forward to, and had the least to complain about afterward. It has a second season already locked down, and I am PSYCHED ya'll.

And, to appease my shallow nature - the entire cast is combustingly hot. I ship EVERYONE. Het, slash, femme, threesomes, moresomes. My interest is varied. And the female characters are smart and strong. And while, yes, a lot of the plot revolves around the romance and the menfolk, the most polarizing and arguably most powerful characters we've seen so far have been female - Katherine is the oldest vampire we know of. Pearl, one of Katherine's friends, returns (Kelly Hu, looking gorgeous) and is able to easily bitchslap Damon because she's much older than he is.

It's a flawed show, like all TV is, and there's always issues and things to nitpick. But overall, I love it anyway.

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