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Meme Day Two

Meme day two!

Day 02 - A show that you wish more people were watching
Most of the shows I watch have a pretty good fanbase, and are usually watched by other people in my household and/or my friends, so there aren't many that are obscure and make me scramble and pray people will watch so they don't get canceled. (All of the ones like that were ALREADY canceled!)

The only one no one else I know, or at least no one fandom-inclined, watches is probably United States of Tara, which is a lot of fun, if sometimes headdesk inducing. And I'm sure that someone who was knowledgeable about MPD would probably go nuts watching, just like TV always butchers something badly enough that people who are actual experts on the topic cringe. But Toni Collette is awesome, which goes a long way toward selling the concept.

The show resolves around Tara, who has multiple personalities the show refers to as alters. It starts with three established alters, Buck, a redneck war veteran man; T, a hormone crazed teenage girl, and Alice, the perfect housewife.

My sister's favorite alter is Buck, but mine is Alice. Alice is very proper and is the caretaker of the alters, and on the surface seems like the obedient, 50's housewife tending after her man. But Alice id FEROCIOUS, and you really, really don't want to fuck with her. She's hilariously single minded, and does exactly what she wants while making it seem like it's just logical, no matter how insane.

Also part of the regular cast are Max, Tara's good-guy husband (who is starting to indulge in some "good guy" douchebaggery this season), her smart-mouthed teenage daughter Kate (who usually speaks in the typical Diablo Cody ironic patter, but has some good moments despite too much tongue-in-cheekness), her gay, generally sweet and mild son Marshall, and her sister Charmaine. Charmaine is easily the most irritating character, but she does improve as the show goes along.

The show is in half-hour installments like a sitcom, which makes it easily watchable, and while Tara and her alters takes most of the screentime, the side characters get a good deal of screen time too.

So yes, its mostly very enjoyable. And people should watch it so I had someone to talk about it to.

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Today, I realized that you could answer comments on A03. How I didn't realize that before, I have no idea, but now I feel bad for all the comments on stories I never answered there. I think it's too late to answer now without looking stupid though. (Which would be fitting, considering it too me this long to figure out in the first place.)

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