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Fic & TeeVee

Remix and Apocalyptothon stories both went up. Remix is still in its anon period, so I can't say what I wrote, but if anyone who hasn't read it guesses, then as always you can have a ficlet or something similar of your choice! I only have one story in the archive this year, and it's moved over to the awesome Ao3. I had a bit of worry over whether or not it was TOO far from the original and not enough of a Remix, but in the end I think it worked, the original author seemed to enjoy it, and it's gotten a mostly positive response, so I think I'm okay!

Written for me was the astoundingly awesome Second Verse (The Dead Before Dark Remix), which was a POV switch and expansion on one of my few SPN stories, The Song Remains the Same. Mystery author did a beautiful job, and had a spot-on take on Dean. It worked fantastically for me. As always, Remix is interesting because you get to see where someone else would take an idea you had, and really, I have to say I like their take better than my own! Great job, Mystery Author!

My Apocalyptothon Leverage story is, I admit, my favorite of the ones I've done lately, and I'm kind of ridiculously proud of how it came out. (Though I admit to being shallow enough that I was disappointed it didn't get more readers/commentors, and its recipient didn't comment. I always start to worry that I wrote something they hated, without meaning to, when a gift-type exchange recipient doesn't comment. I believe she defaulted and had a pinch-hitter step in for her though, so she might possibly just have never seen it due to personal issues, which happens.) The little details that probably no one but me noticed make me laugh. (The photoshopped Eliot pictures that Hardison links to in the footnotes, the alt text comments, etc.)

My Apocalyptothon author wrote me a great little Buffy-centric fic which started out before the series, and worked more with a movie-type Buffy, then added in a whole lot of crossover goodness. So check out ishie's awesome Buffy/SPN fic this shot will be my last, which was a lot of fun! Thank you again.

I am WOEFULLY behind on RP, but just haven't been able to work up the energy for anything of substance. I am, however, finally almost finished with my Haiti fic, which is disturbingly late, but at least it's almost there. And my blood is stable this week, so far.

And on the TV front. . . I am mostly caught up on TV, and don't want to go into a long spiel, but in (not really) short:

Glee - Burt Hummel is more awesome than everyone. So much love. For all the things this show screws up and pisses me off with, Kurt and his father's relationship is done so consistently well. Also the more I watch, the more Finn's voice becomes likes nails on a chalkboard to me, so I am very, very happy when they give Kurt, Artie, or Puck leads.

And Neil Patrick Harris was fantastic. Dream On=my favorite song of the series so far. Though Idina and Rachel's Les Mis duet was good too. I continue to hate Will Schuster with the fire of a sun, but am warming to Sue Sylvester and finding her funnier than I used to. Also, god help me, but I LOVE Brittany in all her stupid, one-lining glory. (And how hot was Santana in her Gaga get up? Quinn looked cute as hell too.)

SPN - I really don't know what to think. I haven't read meta about it much, because I was so behind, but I think I would have been happier if Castiel and Bobby stayed dead. I LOVE Bobby, and while I don't LIKE Cas, I've grown to tolerate him a lot better. But it felt like a reset switch to give us back the stand in father figure, and the pretty white boy angel. But we didn't get a reset for Jo and Ellen, or anyone else. And was Chuck supposed to be God, or had he simply performed his purpose as a prophet?

I loved the Impala overtones, but I have a soft spot for that sort of thing every since my Impala-centric Remix. Overall, I think it worked okay for me, and I loved that Michael and Gabriel went into the pit together. But Dean going to Lisa for his happily ever after was just. . . we didn't have enough set up for me to believe that. Other than him liking her kid, and thinking the kid is possibly his - what about Cassie? Lisa (That's her name I think? I don't even know for sure, which says something about how much attention I paid) was basically a night or so of really good sex and that's it. Dean idealized it, sure, but. . . eh. I don't know. I'd like it if next season is them rebonding and hunting and none of this end of the world stuff, and less "SAM IS OUT OF CONTROL OMG" and St. Dean stuff. (I love Dean. I am a Dean girl. But they've practically canonized him at this point, and Dean played his role in events too.)

Vampire Diaries - I am so in love with this show, OMG. It's fun, it's gorgeous, I like pretty much EVER character. I ship everybody. It had a great ending to a first season, and after the sixth episode or so, just kept building and improving. My only quibble is that they'd STOP KILLING PEOPLE I LIKE, kthanx. I want to RP in this fandom, and I want to write fic in it, and I want to read fic, and I want more episodes, now. (I'm also looking forward to more True Blood, but I love this show more.)

Doctor Who - I am not sold on Amy yet. I don't know. I think it's because I loved the Donna/Doctor vibe so much, without the sexual aspect of it. Amy feels like a Scottish Rose 2.0, like they're trying to regain that vibe, and I'd much rather they have gone a completely different direction. I don't DISLIKE her, I'm just not at all attached yet. I like 11 quite a bit already, but then I was ready for a change in Doctors. I still think I would have preferred they go with an older model, but he's kind of an old man in a young, strange-looking man's body, so it's working for me.

Also Weeping Angels=Still Creepy, but I think using them again made the creep factor slightly less.

Merlin - I finally watched this. Now I want to go find fic and icons and all of that. It's ridiculous, but SO FUN. Arthur is a charming jerk, most of the time, with a good heart. Merlin is a lovable doofus. Morgana is GORGEOUS and likable. Uther is Giles. Which makes him awesome automatically. Gaius is funny and sweet. With it's goofy ass plotlines, guest stars, and effects, it's just a FUN show. Sheer, watchable, gleeful cheese.

And yes. So slashy it's off the charts. My only quibble is Gwen, who is just kind of. . . blah. Which I wish she wasn't, but then Gwen is always the character in any Arthurian story hat I have the least amount of interest in, so that might just be me.

American Idol - Okay, I hate this show. But my family watches it, so I saw MOST of this season. It is better for Crystal's career not to win. AI wouldn't have known what to DO with her, just like they wouldn't have known what to do with Adam.

But goddamnit, she was so much better, and the fact that she didn't win and that another baby faced rocker sweet boy won says that America is so goddamned bland. Seriously. And what the hell was up with Paula coming back? That was the most uncomfortable attempt at comedy ever.

Bones - Angela/Hodgins! Yay! The Bones/Boothe maneuvering - eh. But married in jail!

RuPaul's Drag Race - No one watches this but me, but I was so addicted, and Raven>The Other Tyra. Also I want someone to cap that show and then icon the hell out of JuJuBe and Tatiana because I want to PB them sometime.

United States of Tara - I love this show. It's got some headdesky moments, but overall, it's so much fun, and Toni Collette is awesome. No one watches this to talk about it with! My favorite alter is Alice. Alice kicks ass.

Justified - I am so behind. I've only watched like four of these, but they were REALLY good, and Tim Olyphant is RIDICULOUSLY hot.

There's a bunch of stuff coming back soon that I'm excited about - Leverage, Psych, Burn Notice, White Collar etc. And I watched the first season of Legend of the Seeker and enjoyed it, in a cheesy way. I really want to see the third season of Gossip Girl, and the last season of Dexter, but they're not out yet. So hopefully soon.

I've also finally been watching Lost - I'm taking notes as I watch and may end up posting my random observations. None of which have much to do with plot. And Heroes. But neither are standout enough for me to actually care that much. I want to get the last seasons of Friday Night Lights to watch too. Oh and House. I don't actually invest enough to CARE much about what happens - but have to say, I enjoyed this season a hell of a lot more than the last two.

The upside to lots of sick/hospital time - you watch a lot of DVD's when you don't have wireless. And a lot of TV.

Who has the most recent Glee episodes songs? The NPH episode songs, and the Gaga episode? I'll give you. . . uhh. . . a nickel?

E.T.A. - Sorry if you saw this entry go up and down a couple of times. I was experimenting with crossposting!

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