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This journal is not frequently updated. I am active in comments, and read my f-lists, and participate in LJ communities, but my personal journal is housed with Dreamwidth, at [personal profile] lorax. For more information about why I no longer cross-post my entries, please see this post concerning LJ's past security woes. The issues appear to be fixed, but my confidence was shaken and I prefer to avoid LJ because of it. I will continue to cross-post fic entries, and may do so for other entries now and then, but on average my journal will be housed at Dreamwidth only. I was previously "sullensiren" on LJ, and renamed to lorax.

Community maintainers, consider this my age statement (I am well over 21), and my notice of an active journal, if you require that for joining your community. I am here, and this is not an abandoned or sock journal, it's simply not updated. All the other places you can find me are listed below.

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I'm starting this early this year. Crossposting to LJ & IJ, but funneling all comments to DW to keep it in one place. Comments are screened!

If you'd like a holiday card from me this year, then drop me a comment with your name and address, please!

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Rec Requests

My mom has recently gotten into the habit of watching Netflix Instant constantly, and is complaining because she's run out of things to watch, but doesn't like sorting through the choices herself. So I'm trying to get recs.

She watched and loved A Gifted Man, Three Rivers, and Off the Map (she found those on her own) recently. She's all up to date on Bones, Castle, and a few other things. (She loved The Newsroom, and doesn't watch things with the same nitpicky attitude I do.)

My mom's tastes are very different from mine, so I'm having trouble coming up with stuff for her to watch. She loved House (the early seasons), ER (also the early seasons), the Tudors, The Borgias, and Eli Stone. In general, she likes medical dramas, lawyer dramas, period dramas, things that aren't super heavy, and don't have a huge cast (obviously she'll overcome some of those preferences for stuff). Eye candy of the male variety and/or sex doesn't hurt (She really liked the lead in Moonlight, Alcide from True Blood - though she doesn't watch the show - and Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones). In general though, what she really likes is a hopeful/altruistic angle of someone who wants to help people/heal someone. She's not big on bleakness, horror, or mysteries. (She doesn't like the crime procedural type thing, usually.) She generally gets unhappy when a show changes their format/themes part of the way through. (She dislikes the alternate universes of Fringe, for instance.)

She'll watch fantasy/sci-fi, but it's usually not her first choice. (She loved Buffy/Angel, Firefly, loves Doctor Who - though she doesn't like change so the constantly swapping Doctors/Companions is hard for her - and is lukewarm on Lost Girl.) She doesn't like excessive angsting, especially with first persona voiceovers (a rare shared trait).

DVD only isn't a dealbreaker, since she can watch that on her laptop, but Netflix Instant is preferred. So anyone have any ideas?

(Crossposting this entry to try to crowdsource more widely! Answer wherever you prefer.)

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I was just reading the updates on the state of things over at Ao3, and remembered that I had two invites unused. So if anyone's in that queue of people waiting on invites and wants them, just drop me a comment.

Crossposting this one to LJ!

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Yay Matching!

I finally started The Wire, and spent ten minutes rewinding a scene because the hotness of Idris Elba was distracting. I am so ridiculously shallow. I'm not enthralled by it yet, but I like it.

Crossposting this bit of nonsense just to say that I finally used my bought-a-million-years-ago LJ rename token, to snag lorax, so I now match on DW and LJ!

And Remix sign ups are open! I really wanted to do this year, but I think unless I write a sudden flux of fic this year to open up more options, I'll make this my last year. But 10 years! So everyone go, sign up! (My second favorite challenge of the year!)

I just showed my sister the Avengers trailer, and squeed over it all over again. And the new GoT trailer was awesome, too. And I'm excited for the Hunger Games. Fandom is a good place to be right now.

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Another Year Older

Thank you for the birthday wishes! And to lyrstzha for the snowman!

It's kind of funny, the internet remembers your birthday, even when everyone else forgets. (The family remembered it was coming and got me a few little things, but they forgot it was *today* until halfway through the day.) But I choose to believe that MA remembered, and gave me snow, because we had the first real snow I've ever seen today. Everything was all white and pretty and cold. And yes I know everyone is going to say that I'll hate it once I'm stuck in it for a while, but it's new and pretty and I loved it.

And then we went out to dinner, and I had wine, so it was a nice day. I'm going to forgot my annual moaning about being old because nice days are nice. Even if I am totally old.

((Crossposting this one so lyrstzha can see!))

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Moving is Hard

1118 miles later, we are at home in Massachusetts. Our new house is beginning to look like an actual house instead of just a storage center for boxes, and the cats have begun to settle in. I love the town, I love not being hot, I love how pretty things are around here. There's a lot to get used to, and a lot still to do, but I'm happy to be moved and starting somewhere new.

That said, I'm going to present to you the illustrated story of traveling from Florida to Massachusetts with a moving van that is towing a car on a trailer, and a minivan full of six cats, in a straight-shot drive-through of 35 hours (which should have been about 22). For anyone considering this, I don't recommend it.

Collapse )

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Holidays Approaching!

So it's card time again!

Comments are screened, and I'm crossposting to LJ, but filtering all responses to LJ. If you'd like a holiday card from me, then drop me your name and address!

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Almost Moving Time

Yuletide noms aren't yet open, but they put up a list of fandoms that are probably not accepted, and like half of my usual offers and fall back reading are on there. :( I totally get why. (They're all pretty popular.) I think a case can be made for SCC, since there's not a lot of active fandom writing that I've seen, and Dark Angel, both of which I usually have on offer lists, though. Also Dragon Age is on there, but I think since Dragon Age II dropped this year, it SHOULD be able to get in on the first year amnesty clause. The tutorial for how noms will work is up too.

I'm disappointed to see some of my favorites out of the running though. Fringe! Leverage! Narnia! White Collar! Vampire Diaries! I'm not surprised they're out, but I'm sad nonetheless. (I'm a little surprised Sandman isn't out, honestly, though I hope it makes the cut.)

Of the others on my to-possibly-nom list, only one is knocked out, so I'll have to narrow that down to three.

I'm caught up on Vampire Diaries, and Collapse )

My folks are on their way home from Massachusetts, where they've found a place for us to live! They actually have security deposits down on two places, in case the one they want somehow falls through, but they think it's a pretty done deal. It's got room for me to have my own bedroom and not share with the sister person, and there's two bedrooms, so all my stringent requirements are thus met. Now like, three weeks to finish packing and get set to move. (Just in time for the move, our air conditioner here seems to be busted again. Thank god it's cool out.)

I still have a ton of my Halloween movies I didn't get through, and might still watch a couple, but of the ones I watched, my favorite was Paranormal Activity, which was really well done for what it was, I thought. (Sidenote: I wish there was a sub category at Netflix or something for 'horror movies that don't involve pets', because I saw the preview for Paranormal Activity 2, and there's a doggie, so I totally don't want to watch it. Also a baby, but being me, it was the dog that worried me.) But one thing I really liked about Paranormal Activity was Collapse )

In other news, I might have watched the first couple of episodes of Make it or Break It. Don't judge me, I like gymnastics movies/shows! There are some things I will just WATCH, regardless, okay?

NaNo goes. . . slowly. Like too slowly to bother posting a word count so far. Meh.

Still crossposting because I'm a creature of habit and don't want to go put a note on my LJ about it, but I still might.

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Happy Halloween!

I am testing the new create entries page with this post, and so far it's as awesome as the mock up, and works as promised. I'm going to love the tag browser for posting to my PSL archives.

And if there's any more major updates to the LJ security fail, I'll update my roundup post, but barring any huge news, I think I'm going to let it lie mostly. I was genuinely kind of appalled by it all though, and the dismissive and misleading LJ response, so I may stop crossposting entries there. I'm not going to delete, because too much of my fandom activity and other things are still centralized there, though. I'm not certain though, still deciding, so I'll go ahead and crosspost this entry at least.

The Halloween movie totals of what I've watched so far are:
Scream 4 (SO SILLY, but kind of entertainingly silly.)
Cloverfield (Also silly but entertaining.)
Session 9 (Really, really boring.)
The Others (Which was a rewatch, and I still really liked it.)

Now I'm watching Paranormal Activity, with more on deck. (I have had to alter my list because Netflix instant and my net aren't getting along. Boo.) And then when my sis gets home we're watching the next couple of episodes of American Horror Story, largely so I can talk to livelovehump about it.

The parents are off in Massachusetts, looking for a place for us to move to next month. Apparently there's a lot of places out of power, but their hotel is fine, and really nice, plus they got a free upgrade to a suite with two bathrooms, so they're all thrilled. (Mom was like "after driving that long with your father, a hotel room where I don't have to see him even in the bathroom, is NICE.")

I'm trying to decide whether or not to do NaNo this year. With the move, it seems stupid to do it, but I have a project prepped and ready and I sort of want to, anyway. (I did resist the urge to sign up for any holiday exchanges so far, including rs_small_gifts, despite being tempted. With the move, I vowed to only do Yuletide this year, and just watch the other exchanges for pinch hits, if I had some unexpected time.) Even if I do NaNo though, I think I'll forgo trying to make any of the meet ups this year and just save that for next year.

E.T.A. - And thank you [personal profile] bet, for my spider! <3!

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